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ILLNURSE | Debut EP "ALL DAY" is out!

ILLNURSE and DJ Varsovie join forces and hit the dancefloors!

ILLNURSE is the new project of a well known Parisian artist, Fred Terror. "All Day" is the debut album of the French act. And this EP becomes even more attracting since you will find the contribution of DJ Varsovie and a powerful remix of the title track by Parallx. ILLNURSE took his project name from the fact that he is working as a nurse in a hospital. He quickly became popular in Paris thanks to several of his performances with his anti-conformist crew nammed Container Below is the official video for "All Day" premiered a week before the official release date of the EP. A video perfectly matched and directed by Félix Bergeret.

ILLNURSE's "All Day" is a 4-track EP including the same titled track along with a remix on this, as we said, by Parallx. "All Day" is an industrial techno track, with an intense power on the drums and beats and haunting deep vocals from DJ Varsovie. Together with the two versions of the same titled, "All Day", we find two more tracks, "What You Say" and"Terror Disco". In "What You Say" tecnho beats are coming with anger while in "Terror Disco" there is exactly this. A terror disco track using strong beats with a disco mood and cold synths.

"All Day" EP came out on Octeber 15th, from Intervision Records and it is available in digital format and in 12'Vinyl EP / 180g edition both available on Intervision's bandcamp page.


A1_ALL DAY (feat. DJ Varsovie)

A2_ALL DAY (Parallx Remix)

B1_What You Say

B2_Terror Disco







DJ Varsovie:






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