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Cygnosic return with "Epiphany", their 6th full length album!

Cygnosic's new album "Epiphany" is out, from DWA!

Well, on a day like this I think I feel very good and I could say proud for the local industrial, harsh electro, EBM scene, for two reasons. One is the new album of one of the most active and famous bands, not only in Greece but worldwide. And they are back with one of the best dark, harsh electro albums of the year.

Cygnosic released their 6th full length album,"Epiphany". "Epiphany" is another proof for the long time establishment of the Athens based project in the dark and harsh electro scene. With this album Cygnosic clearly states their vision and view of the melodic dark electro which they perfectly combine with some harsh arrangements and beats and with the unique, deep and brutal voice of their mastermind, George Psaroudakis. 

Along with the strong melodic parts in every song, the powerful beats and the club and danceable hits, you will find an incredible contribution of Chris L, from Agonoize, in "Mindfuck".

If I had to refer to some tracks from "Epiphany" here, I would choose the "Children of the Light" for its synth melodies, the "Straight from the Heart" for the quite lower tempo in the beats that creates a darker mood and the closing track "Made of Stone" for the strong dark electro and the power in the lyrics.  For your DJ lists, the tracks are definitely "The Wings of Destiny" and "No Turning Back".

"Epiphany" mixed and produced by Dimitris Douvras at Lunatech Studio, Greece.

"Epiphany" contains 12 tracks, and every one of them has its own strength. Go on and check the "Epiphany" album on Cygnosic's bandcamp page and just order that piece. You won't regret it...







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