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Kiss of The Whip releases "New Lows"

Kiss of The Whip's new album "New Lows" is out!

Kiss of The Whip is a dark wave, post-punk project from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is the solo project of Tristan Victor.

Kiss of The Whip's new album, "New Lows", is out today, October 3rd 2019, from Diffuse Reality records and it is available via several online platforms.

"New Lows" is coming after two self released albums, "Point Breeze", in May 2017 and "Like Love Only Real" in May 2018.

"New Lows" is a collection of Tristan's post-punk creations. Emotional in most of the album with cold wave arrangements and dark atmosphere. Tristan's voice has this deepness and cold characteristics, matching his compositions and sound. There are also some electro and synth elements which makes the new album walking even in dark electro lines. There are also two really interesting remixes on the single hit "Circle of Knives", by, the Brazilian cold wave project, Balvanera and the US post-punk, dark wave project Delphine Coma.

"New Lows"  has the dark melancholic melodies, like the "Set Yourself Aside" and "Felt But Not Seen", the post-punk club hits like the single "Circle of Knives", the "Pleasures In Surrendering" and "Dark Rooms" and the emotional dark and cold moments in "Levitation" and "Forgive Me Not".

A really interesting and beautiful full length release by the US based dark project, suggested to dark wave lovers and fans of cold, post-punk.





If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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