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Das Fluff for two concerts in Athens, Greece + New video "Obey".

Das Fluff will perform twice in Athens on January 26th - 27th. Post-punk-Electro from Berlin and London. Check inside, their new video release "Obey".

On January 26th two legendary bands in Gothic Rock scene, Inkubus Sukkubus and Still Patient? will perform live in Athens, Greece. However this concert will start with another great band which will perform on stage and is going to be a perfect warm-up for the rest of the night. This band is Das Fluff.

Inkubus Sukkubus + Still Patient? + Das Fluff / Live in Athens

Das Fluff will be live on stage this Saturday in Athens, coming straight from somewhere between Berlin and London, along with their powerful Post-Punk, Filth Electro sound. Das Fluff released their fourth full-length album "Anxiety Dreams" back in September 2018. The sound is a mixed-up elements of 80's electropop filthy synths combined with punk guitar riffs.

"Anxiety Dreams" has received some really good reviews from several magazines. There is a new video release for "Obey" taken from "Anxiety Dream". You can watch it below.

Das Fluff will perform twice in Athens, since after their Saturday 26 January concert, the post-punk rockers will be on stage again, on Sunday, January 27th at Decadence Club, Athens.

"Obey" video:







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