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Cold Transmission releases Vestron Vulture's, "Miseria Cantare", to announce new signing!

New signing and addition for Cold Transmission, Vestron Vulture announce new album in 2020!

Cold Transmission is one of those labels that keeps the fire on in the dark wave, dark synths scene, for some time now. I had the pleasure to speak with the co-founder, Andreas Hermmann earlier this year in an amazing interview, where he described all about CT's team vision and love to the music.

Following this line, CT is growing every day with the addition of great bands and artists. One of the latest new signing in Cold Transmission is the dark electro project Vestron Vulture. On the occasion of this new co-operation Vestron Vulture and Cold Transmission released the "Miseria Cantare - Cold Transmission Edition.

In "Miseria Cantare - Cold Transmission Edition", the dark synth, electro/wave project from Monterey, Mexico releases, what someone could name, a best of compilation of the prior work. With an amount of released songs since 2012, the electronic music producer, compiles "Miseria Cantare", choosing some of the most notable moments. 

Including tracks, such as the cold and dark "Melissa is Dead" and "Suicide Club", along with the pure electro "As I Fight Against The Shadows", "Heat Seaker", the melodic beats of "Psychosis In Paradise", the haunting rhythm of "Prozac Dystopia" and "Gothstar", in "Miseria Cantare - Cold Transmission Edition"we also find two previously unreleased songs, "Flesh & Blood" and "Winter Fire", giving a small taste of the new album which is coming out soon.

"Miseria Cantare - Cold Transmission Edition" is not only a resounding announcement of a promising collaboration but it is also a way for the two parts to announce the release of the new Vestron Vulture full length album, "Lionheart", coming out in 2020.

"Lionheart", pure melancholy straight from the depths of his faded unscarred soul, submerge into the deepest abyss of sorrow with his guitar and synthesizer, get infected by the crawling bass and feel the wristcutting vocals down deep your soul while the athmosphere takes you away".

Check this beautiful electro compilation of Vestron Vulture including some dark and cold moments and stay tuned for updates on the new album.






If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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