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New singles out from Hocico!

"Psychonaut" and "Cross the Line (Feat. Tragedy of Mine)" are the new singles from Hocico.

May 17th, is the release day for the second of the double new release from Hocico. Two singles showing two different sides and faces of the harsh industrial giants.

"Cross The Line (Feat. Tragedy of Mine)" and "Psychonaut" are out today and they are completely different.

 "Cross The Line" brings in front the metal side of Hocico since the cooperation with melodic death metal band Tragedy of Mine makes this song an industrial-metal single. A completely different version of the Mexican harsh industrial pioneers.

On the other hand "Psychonaut" is a song out from the original sound of the duo with their characteristic hard, aggrotech industrial. "Psychonaut" will definitely remind you of the famous hit-single of Hocico, "Poltergeist". Similar tempo, harsh catchy synths and haunting vocals, all in the path of "Poltergeist". An obvious club single that will hit the dancefloors.

Along with "Dark Sunday" released in March, Hocico now has released the third single taken from the forthcoming album "Artificial Extinction" which will be out in July.

Out of Line press release:

"Two songs that couldn't be more different! Two songs that mark the frontiers and unify the concept of one band! Two songs that spread darkness and violence in the most diverse way! Those are the next appetizers for the new Hocico album. "Psychonaut" represents the traditional Hocico, the pure, pounding aggrotech side, unstoppable. "Cross The Line" was remixed by german Melodic Death Metal Band Tragedy Of Mine and shows the band in a complete new yet brutal way. Together those songs shows the lighthouses of extreme music and therefore their musical contrast should be enjoyed."





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