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Video Pick: Misfortunes - Android

Dark synthwave and landscapes in the first official video from Misfortunes!

 "It probably is my favourite Misfortunes song". 

This is what Ioakim Vasileiadis told us in the Misfortunes interview and track-by-track presentation of the new album, "The Brilliant Endings", for "Android". "Android" is definitely one of the highlights of the dark wave, synth wave project from Thessaloniki, Greece. Retro synths and a melody that can take you to trip, shouting out about loss of true human emotions and feelings. 

"Android" is the first official video from "Misfortunes" and the result is magnificent. Scenery depicting the loneliness of the modern man.

Music by Ioakim Vasileiadis, lyrics by Kosmas Lazaridis, mastering by Thanos Mylonas.

Video created by Thekla Malamou http://www.theklamalamou.com

Read here an excerpt of Misfortuens interview and what the creators of "Android" told us about this beautiful song:

Kosmas: In this song the lyrics were written for the wonderful music Ioakim had already composed. Upon first hearing the iconic “Blade Runner” came to my mind where there is also a reference to it in the lyrics ("moments lost in time"). The song is metaphorical and forms a wake-up call to the hollow modern human who has forgotten how to feel and has evolved into an android.

Ioakim: When I sent the main music theme to Kosmas to listen to, we both instantly agreed on the form this track had to take both musically and lyrically. The sci-fi/ space element in the atmosphere could not be ignored. Eventually Kosmas lyrics were a perfect fit for the music. I am very satisfied on the way the song was approached musically. It probably is my favourite Misfortunes song.

Misfortunes will play live for the first time in Athens, on Saturday, February 18th, at Death Disco! Check FB event here!






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