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Video Pick: Bestial Mouths - I Am The Spell

Bestial Mouths released new single, "I Am The Spell"!

Bestial Mouths merges the avant garde, industrial sounds with a gothic aesthetic coming all the way back from its roots, influenced by the genre's "big" names like Diamanda Galas and Lydia Lunch.

Lynette Cerezo manages to bring all the dark, cold ambience of the early eras through the soundscapes and with her unique voice. "I Am The Spell", released on April 22nd, and is coming as the first track out of Bestial Mouths 's upcoming album "R.O.T.T.(inmyskinn)", coming out later this year, via Negative Gain Productions, and two years after the amazing RESSURECTEDINBLACK.

"I Am The Spell" is inspired by experiences with bullies and abusers, who love having power over others and the, 80's synthpop/new wave band, Book Of Love, and their song "Boy".

Bestial Mouth comments on the new single, "The only way to defeat such demons is to reverse the flow of power. Take back what is yours—your control, your name, your body and mind. Darken their skies, and give them only what they already had: sorrow."

10% of all proceeds from this track go to Hope For The Day: www.hftd.org

"I Am The Spell" video directed by Nath Milburn, edited by Luke Baker.

Performers: Lynette Cerezo, Jeanelle Mastema, Emma Amadi

Hair & Makeup: Jessica Faye Vergon, Erin Nakashima

Styling: Katarina Sjöstrand

Production Assistant: Scott Cardona











If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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