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Video Pick: Siva Six - Club Macabre

Siva Six welcomes everyone to the "Club Macabre" with the new official video!

Siva Six returned with their 5th full length album "DeathCult" released in November 2021, via Alfa-Matrix. While "DeathCult" being, perhaps their best, compact and mature album with a blend of a various electro/industrial elements, the dark electro duo from Greece presented a new side of their sound, built on their well-known industrial arrangements and influences. Adding several melodic parts "DeathCult" balances between powerful industrial beats and emotional electronic sounds.

"Club Macabre" is one of those tracks that represents all these things that "DeathCult" brings, with a dark ambience and powerfull beats. Based on the story of Charles Milles Manson and the Manson family, "Club Macabre" official video visualize the intense atmosphere and the symbolism of the song. Sharon Tate is represented by Christina Vane, while the other members of the Manson "family" are David Adam, Strutter Strutter, K.V, and The Empress. 

"Club Macabre" video is a production of Siva Six and Death Mask Productions. The direction, shooting and editing were done by Thanos Kallaniotis.

Siva Six
Album : DeathCult
Track : Club Macabre
Label : Alfa Matrix Records
Format : Digipak CD & Download









If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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