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Video Pick: Meat Injection - Chaotic Ride

Meat Injection is taking us to a haunted "Chaotic Ride"!

Meat Injection has been one of the bands that managed to offer and create a different way of expressing the dark and cold wave. Their debut album came out almost a year ago, on June 2020, via wave records, and it gained the attention of media and audience at once, with the unique sound of Dimitris Kasikadis, in music, who brought some hard beats and electro elements to their darkest limits, and Cleopatra Kaido's voice who, for the most of the reviewers, is a singer who manages to express each emotions of the lyrics she writes with passion and lyricism.

Now, the time has come for Meat Injection to present all these emotions of their music in their first official video for the song "Chaotic Ride". A song which describes and explodes all the desperate agony and the anger someone needs to express about everyday sadness and dead ends around us. ("System Anomaly" review). A song that as Cleopatra says in the video presentation and interview of Meat Injection in WhiteLight-WhiteHeat magazine"...refers to people who have not found themselves and, driven by chaos, they end up in the madness. We all know that, nowadays, and especially in this period we are going through, the world is facing its fears, loneliness, confusions, and insecurities...."

The video is exactly there, bringing to image all this situation a man dives into, without managing to face the fears, the loneliness, going into a depressive state that ends up in madness. Even when he tries to fight back and get out of this confused mind state, the system has the power to detain his will and the wish for life, or even "shut him down".

Screenplay was written by Cleopatra Kaido and video filmed, edited by Nikos Chantzis and produced by Press Eject And Give Me The Tape. 

Meat Injection comments on "Chaotic Ride"...

"A large number of people carry stereotypes and modesty, molds that are impossible to break unless one really tries to change oneself by losing one's dignity and faith, one's belief that one must be a good child leads one to a chaotic walk without return."

Cleopatra Kaido comments on the video... (WhiteLight-WhiteHeat interview)

" I wrote the script in such a way, in order to pass emotions through facial expressions and body language. I wanted to emphasize the anger, the oppression, the chaos, the madness that a man lives, trapped (figuratively) in a suit. Dimitris Katsikadis and Babis Kaidos are, essentially, one person, in conflict, with himself. My role is the voice that speaks to their subconscious, the voice of truth, and when the mind plays games this person transforms from a demon figure to an angel. The maid (Johanna Athanasiou) is the face of the delusion that weakens the mind, the doctor (Achilleas C.) is the form, the shape of despair and resignation and the psychiatric room symbolizes the confinement of the soul."

The video was premiered on Friday, May 7th, via WhiteLight-WhiteHeat where you can find an interesting interview to Mike D. (link below), and the bands YouTube Channel.


Meat Injection are currently working on a new material with a new member addition. Thanassis Vlachogiannis joined Dimitris and Cleopatra, taking care of the drum beats. Apart from the new material Meat Injection will be on Svartpunkt compilation, included in the Swedish magazine's new issue, with a remix from IAMTHESHADOW, while they are preparing a special release coming out during summer.

Screenplay : Cleopatra Kaido

Camera & Video Editing : Nikos Chantzis

Production : Press Eject and Give me the Tape © 2021 (https://www.facebook.com/pressejectandgivemethetape)

Make up: Chara Papapostolou (https://www.facebook.com/chara.papapostolou)

Lights: Angelo Kikianis (https://www.soundgroupdjs.gr/)











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