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Video Pick: I Ya Toyah - Out Of Order

"Out Of Order" is I Ya Toyah's new video single, out from the same titled EP.

I Ya Toyah released the first video and single out of her upcoming new EP, "Out Of Order", coming out on March 26th.

A dark, industrial anthem for the mental disorder and breakdown, coming from all the recent everyday facts we live in.  "Out Of Order" visualizes the point that most of the people are closing into, because of the isolation, the misinformation fed by media, and the freedom that is drained piece by piece, through the spread of fear.

A strong, emotional song, performed in a unique way by a powerful artist and woman. With vocals deep into pain, ranging from haunted, whispering to an angry tone, along with dystopic synths distorted guitars and breaking beats. A video that perfectly represent all these that everyone has in his/her head these days. The anger, the rage and the need to shout "enough". 


"Out Of Order" is the first sample out of I Ya Toyah's new EP and we are looking forward to listening to the rest of the tracks.

Video Production & Scenography: Joel Lopez of Lumbra Productions.
Music: Composed and performed by I Ya Toyah.
Produced by I Ya Toyah and Nick Palazzo.
Mixed and Mastered by Nick Palazzo at Evolution Recording.

"Out Of Order" - The Song: A pandemic song, "Out Of Order" is expressing the quarantine moods of isolation, uncertainty, chaos and inner distortion.

I Ya Toyah comments on "Out Of Order" : "I wrote it feeling these emotions and being unable to share them as we all used to- through the togetherness, a hug, and live music experience. In the future the pandemic will be over, but the need for this connection will remain- I hope this song will be a reminder of how we survived this dark time, and how fragile yet strong we all are- even when we are out of order." - Ania (I Ya Toyah)








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