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Kandinsky Noir releases new video single "Two Chords"

 Industrial metal, electro goth Kandinsky Noir releases new single "Two Chords". 

Berlin based, Kandinsky Noir, is a solo project by Anto Rom, where he manages to combine the strength of industrial and noisy sounds with powerful guitars and riffs balancing between heavy gothic lines and metal solos. "Two Chords" is the 5th single from Kandinsky Noir, who seems to gives us small doses of raw industrial metal until the release of a completed album. All the singles are characterized by some uptempo noisy arrangements of a lethal blend of a heavy guitars and synths.

In "Two Chords" and in contrast with some of Kandinsky Noir's previous singles, you can see an approach to Anto's metallic word and influences while the combination of the distorted and clean vocals gives a darker dimension to the new single. The tense is again really high with "Two Chords" transforming to an exploding bomb in moments. And while music-wise, two sides of powerful music collide, "Two Chords" is standing in such a point even lyric-wise and in between the relationship of power and art. "Two Chords" could be a fatigued love story, a desperate psychotic state of mind or you can use your own interpretation of Anto's words.

Kandinsky Noir comments on "Two Chords":

"Two Chords is the attempt to describe the relationship between power and art: how these 2 are connected diachronically in the profit driven perpetuation of successfully proven structures. The utter simplification of the artistic production / fruition represents a countermovement to the disruptive potential of expression. Brecht would say: Natura facit saltus (Nature makes a jump), implying that the harmonic linearity of entertaining is the origin of fiction and of soothing ideological overpower per se"

Kandinsky Noir has released 5 tracks and a new tune, "Feeling Nothing (The Privilege of the Rope) will be released in June. The video was created and based on a performance of the young Russian Artist Iya Poteshkina, where the performer herself immersed in a deep red Lynchian Chamber struggles between a seductive attitude of the partial body object and the unbearable of the wholeness. The continuous presence of the plastic film stands for the thin artificial "patina" splitting the duality between compromise and integrity.






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