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Video Pick: Anima Triste - Hades

Anima Triste releases the official video for "Hades", taken from their last full length album "Humanity"!

There is this case with Anima Triste, where their music could drag you to the paths of its creators. Now this is completed with an amazing official video for the song "Hades". A dark depressive song, with lyrics that reflect someones beliefs for a difficult state and the refusal to make something different to change things.

"Hades" is dark rock, post-punk and goth rock arrangement building a story with tense, where the guide to this, is the, almost theatrical, vocals of Mad Sad.

"Hades" official video is an animated representation of the story, using beautiful sketches in red, black and white.

This is what Greg DiRt comments on "Hades" and the video:

""Hades" is one of our most beloved tracks in the "Humanity" album. Lyrics and music for this song belongs to Greg DiRt. We believe that "Hades" is a song that everyone can relate because in real life, a person can be mistreated in many ways or cases. In our case, Hades, is the cosmic judge, the one that separates the good or the evil deeds of a person and desides the fate of that person in the afterlife.
The video took us a few months to create because of the nature of the video. We wanted to be like a comic book but in video. Nick aka Gloryhope, this very talented friend of ours took all the time he needed to make it and we are more than thrilled and excited from his work."

Artwork and video by Gloryhope

Lyrics by Greg DiRt

Music by Greg DiRt arranged by anima Triste

Anima Triste are:

Greg DiRt: Guitars, keys

Mad Sad: Vox

Gus Black: Bass

Jimmy C: Drums




If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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