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Video Pick: Mani Deum - Missing Link to Nostalgia

Mani Deum returns with a new song and a new official video!

Mani Deum is back with a beautiful song, titled "Missing Link to Nostalgia". The new song comes with an amazing video directed and edited by Evan Maragkoudakis.

Filmed in the notorious streets of the Mission in San Francisco, the dark streets of Oakland, the vast desert of the Death Valley, the area 51 town of Beatty and the Ghost town of Gold Point and production assistance by Ioanna Vlachou.

The video is presenting perfectly all these feelings Mani Deum wants to express with their music and lyrics. A song about loneliness and the desperate wish to find what or who is being missed.

Mani Deum formed in 2006 in Athens, Greece. Their sound is influenced, mostly, by folk, neo-folk bands and artists, including Coil or Current 93. They prefer to call their music an "infected folk n' roll". Through time they evolved their music, adding rock elements and touching dark americana and goth rock lines, giving a new dimension to their sound. In 2011, Mani Deum were voted as the best new act of the year at the 20th Wave Gothic Treffen Festival in Leipzig, Germany. They have released two full length albums, "Music For Your Local Church... Or Your Local Brothel", in 2011 and "When Beuty Ends" in 2014. Throughout the years they have also released several singles and an EP in 2009, while the participated in a number of compilations.

Mani Deum are Peri Ayan (Vocals, 12string Guitars, Electric Guitars), Manos K. (Vocals, Electric Guitars), Panos Tsekouras (Theremin), Dimitris Hatzimitros (Bass), Theodoros Kopoul (Drums, Percussion)




If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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