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Video Pick: THE ILLUSION FADES – Dead and Buried

Melancholy lyrics mixed in a wonderful and special combination of Guitar and Sitar sounds. Oldschool  gothic rock masterpiece from Greece!

Dead and Buried Recorded in 2020 at Artracks Recording Studios, produced by George Priniotakis. Special guest: Bill Hunchback, who plays Sitar. Music & Lyrics: George Dedes Members • George Dedes - vocals • Manos Vichos - guitars • Andreas Zeis - bass • Aggelos Marinakis - drums • Ioannis Vlazakis – keyboards.

This song as well as another single (Last Light) was released on the occasion of the celebration of 30 years of the band.

Band Biography

The band is considered by many perhaps the most important of Greece in this genre, and is recognizable by the music press and foreign audience. The history of the band started in 1990 by guitarist and singer George Dedes. Their first release was the single “Valentine” in 1993.

Immediately after followed the self titled album “Illusion Fades”. This was followed by several live appearances, the most important with the “Gun Club” at Rodon club.
In 1997 “Shadowlove” makes the band well known abroad. In 1999 they release their third album “In The Arms Of An Angel”.
The next album by The Illusion Fades entitled “In Black” was released by their own company ‘Angel’ in 2003, and got excellent reviews from both the Greek and the international press! (Metal Hammer gr - best month release).

The 2006 comes out “PsychoBurn” a dynamic album that contains the video clip “Dead White Snow”.
The years 2006-2007 were a defining period for the band as live performances followed one after another, both in Athens with domestic and foreign bands.
A highlight for 2007 was the participation in the most important Gothic Rock - Metal festival worldwide called WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN (WGT) in which they chose to appear on the main stage “Agra”. The festival took place on 25-26-27-28 May 2007 in Leipzig, Germany.

In 2009, after some remarkable performances alongside international bands (Lacrimas Profundere, Star Industry, The Damned, London After Midnight, The 69 Eyes ...)
and a participation on a compilation for “Gothic Magazine” along with some of the most well known bands, they released their sixth CD titled “Killing Ages” by the German label PANDAIMONIUM which includes exclusive contributions by Jan Kenneth Barkved (Elusive) and Tristessa (Astarte)
Already the first reviews from the local but particularly by the international press were very positive. “The Christmas Song” reached No3 and No7 for the Global Gothic Chart and The Illusion Fades were the band of the month, while “Full of Fire” from the band’s previous release (Psychoburn) comes in No. 2.
Immediately after the video “13th Day” came out, while in 2010 the band wrote the soundtrack for the American zombie/horror film “Flowers for the Dead” by Joe Barbarisi.
“The Christmas song” closes the end credits of the Spanish mystery series El Otro Lado - The Other Side” by Cesar De Nicolas.

In 2011 and 2012 live performances still continue, while in 2013, The illusion Fades are more dynamic than ever.
In 2014 they release “The Essential Collection 1993-2014”. A limited edition of only 100 copies especially released for friends and fans of the band. Each copy is numbered by hand. Including the exclusive new song “WE ARE THE SAME” with the participation of Candia McKormack (Incubus Succubus) and Mike York (Kalt, Garden of Delight) each singing in their native language.




If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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