Kalte Nacht, human relationships and life experiences displayed in analogue sounds and cold emotions | Interview

 Kalte Nacht will be back on stage after two years and we discussed everything about this show and their music. Opening act for the show, the amazing Blakaut!

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Cyborg Amok, New Jersey's post-punk coming from life experiences | Interview

 Cyborg Amok released their debut full length album "Cyborg Amok" last June and we talked about their music!

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Black Angel 's vampiric love stories and haunted moonlight dance into "Prince Of Darkness" | Interview

"Prince of Darkness" comes through as a haunted story: dancing in the moonlight, under old school gothic rock riffs and emotions! Black Angel unveils the secrets behind their new album!

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Pedro Penas Robles presents his tribute to The Sisters Of Mercy with "HONORIS II Tribute to The Sisters Of Mercy & The Sisterhood" - Interview

A unique and different tribute compilation is coming up, "HONORIS II Tribute to The Sisters Of Mercy & The Sisterhood"! And we had a discussion with the man behind it, Pedro Penas Robles.

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