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Opened Paradise and The Black Capes, an, out of the ordinary, chat | Interview

Opened Paradise & The Black Capes frontmen reply to some not-so-frequently asked questions!

When you think of Greek gothic rock and gothic metal scene, there are two names that pop up instantly. Opened Paradise and The Black Capes. Two bands with their own history in the dark alternative music, with amazing albums through their paths. Opened Paradise formed in 2003 and in these 20 years they have offered unique gothic rock sounds and great songs, going till the lines of gothic metal. In 2022 Opened Paradise released their latest full length album, "Eclipse", a true gothic metal masterpiece which they will present it live on stage, celebrating their 20th anniversary, on Friday, March 17th 2023 at Temple, Athens.

Special guests in this celebration are the amazing The Black Capes. The Athenian 4-piece goth rock band formed back in 2016 and they have released three full length albums with the latest being "Looks Like Death" out since March 2022. The sound of The Black Capes blends pure old school gothic rock elements with modern dark alternative elements.

On the occasion of this great gothic rock, gothic metal event I had an out of the ordinary chat with the frontmen of the two bands, Go ahead and read what Periklis from Opened Paradise and Alex from The Black Capes replied to some "obscure" questions!


ES: Let's begin with a little introduction. Opened Paradise and The Black Capes. Where did the names come from?

Periklis (Opened Paradise): The name originated from the known Garden of Delight song. The occult symbolism of the lyrics and the title fitted to what we wanted to express.

Alex (The Black Capes): Back in the day when we were trying to find a name for the band, and all the cool names were taken, I was chilling home listening to Bauhaus. When the first lyrics of Bela Lugosi's dead kicked in, "White on white translucent black capes" it was like a revelation, and boom! There it was, our name was waiting for us.

ES: After being active for many years what would you say it is the funniest moment you ever had with the band?

Periklis: Let's say interesting moment... While having a show with Anima Triste in Thessaloniki and somehow the curtains of the stage got fire.

Alex: Looking back at the covid-era, the things we would do to get to the studio during the lockdowns have to be the funniest shit ever. We were like ninjas, sometimes we would see the cops and we would try to go under the radar, it was not funny then, but now I have moments in my head I can't stop laughing just thinking about them.

ES: Let's move to the main part of this unique conversation. If you could go back in time and perform a gothic metal cover of a classic Greek song, which song would it be and why?

Periklis: I really love what we call in Greece old Rebetika. I'd go with Τάκης Μπίνης (aka Takis Binis). "Το κουρασμένο βήμα σου" ("To kourasmeno vima sou").

Alex: Hm! I would go with Zeimpekiko- Mpellou & Savvopoulos ( me aeroplana kai vaporia) or Tha simanoun oi kampanes by Ritsos and Miki. I love old revolutionary songs and song that speak of social issues of the those times, I get goosebumps and even cry to these songs. Yeap I said it.

ES: Let's say you could have a fictional character join your band as a member, who would fit best and what would his role be?

Periklis: I'd leave the band if we could have Lemmy of Motorhead on the vocals. I guess Costas, our bass player, would also have to retire.


Alex: I would say master Yoda, Imagine him writing the lyrics. He could also do some jedi mind tricks so people would think we are a good band hahahaha.

ES: We all love Disney heroes. If you had to choose one Disney princess to join the band as a guest vocalist for a song, who would it be and why?

Periklis: I don't like the idea of a princess. I'd prefer her to be a warrior of some sort. I'd go with Vaiana. Saved her people. Fought to make the world a better place.

Alex: I would choose Aurora just so I could meet her fairy godmother Maleficent (even better if she is the Angelina Jolie version) and then fire her to get the gothiest of them all.

ES: And, definitely, many people love superheroes from Marvel or DC or from anywhere else. If Opened Paradise and Black Capes were a team of superheroes, what would each member's superpower be and how would you use these power?

Periklis: Fuck... That's a difficult one. So many possibilities. Kyriakos is the easiest. He would be invisible. Very quiet guy and very easy going. Almost transparent.
Elias and Kostas would be Statler and Waldorf from the Muppets. Most of the time mumbling at eachother but at the same time can't have one without the other. I know it doesn't seem to be a super power, but it is.
Greg would have to be something like Xavier from the X-Men. Talking inside our heads and cooling things down in cases of emergency.
I would love to be The Storyteller, as presented in the TV series created by Jim Henson. Being able to have an affect on peoples minds and ideas.

Alex: I think Stavros would have powers similar to magneto so he could make his guitar and vibrato sound even more wicked. I would be a shapeshifter, I could be any man or woman on the planet and get us booked on the coolest festivals and tours pretending to be someone that promoters and labels do give a fuck about, who knows I could even pretend to be a president of a country and try to make the world a better place. Rusty would be like the Hulk. Every time someone busts his balls he would turn green and fuck things up. Gerasimos would be an invisible man, so he could walk around naked and come to peace with his hippy side.

ES: Many times we love to listen to good music while we cook and eat. If your bands were to compete in a gothic metal-themed cooking competition, what dish would each band prepare and how would you combine your music into the cooking process?

Periklis: I think we'd go for lamb chops, combined with beer or wine. Traditional - tavern - lamb chops. Not gourmet shit. We'd probably have to write a new song, which would fit to the occasion.

Alex: We would make a dark pastitsio from black pasta with a red colored bechamel to make it as goth as it gets. We would use the secret chants to Azathoth that we hide in our songs to make the dish perfect.

ES: Thank you so much for this amazing chat. Would you like to say something more to your fans and our readers?

Periklis: Thank you for the support Achilleas. Looking forward seeing everybody at the ceremony. Take care.

Alex: Yes, if you are from Greece please get your ass up and go vote this time on the elections so we can make this place a bit better. For the rest of you I will just say we hope to meet you all soon. Thank you for the interview and see you soon with the mighty Opened Paradise on stage. 


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