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Goo Munday starts a fire with her filthy electro-punk - Interview

Goo Munday is an electro-punk artist coming from Australia.

One of the artists that I, recently, listened to, is the Australia electro-punk, Goo Munday. Goo Munday is a producer from Sydney. She has recently released her first full length album "9 Lives" with Negative Gain Productions, in March 15th. Goo Munday brings a really interesting sound combining electro-punk and dark electronic beats with hypnotising tunes and elements in a quite filthy way. The result is getting even better with voice mix of ethereal and distorted moments.

Apart from the beautiful sound, Goo Munday is truly focused on her project, since she does all the additional work. She is really taking care of every aspect of her art, from production, vocals, and mixing of all of her music, in conjunction with the editing, styling and directing her own music videos.  

Once again ElektroSpank | FMA has the pleasure to introduce and present you a new act and artist in the dark electornics. Goo Munday gives us all the answers regarding her music project along with other questions we had and chat about...

ES: Hi Goo Munday. Thank you for this chat. I could say that I really like your music. I think is what I could call aggressive electro-pop. Before getting into details, would you like to tell us something about you and your music project? Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

Goo: Hey, thanks so much. I am Goo Munday, I’m a solo producer/vocalist/engineer from Sydney, Australia, I create witch house/electro punk music with a splash of pop. I also create, direct and edit my music videos.

ES: I would like to go straight to your full length album, "9 Lives", released on March. 15th. A beautiful electro album. Which are the first impressions from the audience and media? Do you have any feedback?

Goo: Thank you, yes I’ve had lots of positive feedback, I’m super happy that people are really liking it. The tracks that seems to be the most popular are “Game” and “no”.

ES: Are there any plans for the near future? Any plans for "9 Lives" promotion? Concerts, perhaps in Europe, etc?

Goo: I just came back from doing SXSW in Austin, Texas. I have had offers to tour in the States this year, and am hoping I can make it happen.

ES: While listening to "9 Lives" I was thinking about Miss Kittin playing with Crystal Castles, adding some electro-trip-noise moments from Pzychobitch. Which are your music influences?

Goo: I have a wide range of musical influences, I get a lot of inspiration from the British 80’s punk scene, as well as Modern Electronic music and pop. I always like to create whatever comes to me in the moment and never try to sound like any body else. My favourite artists include The Horrors, Sonic Youth, New order, Slowdive, Crystal Castles, Grimes, Sex Pistols, The Beatles, Sidewalks and Skeletons, Vitalic, Lust for youth, The Smiths, Interpol, Mr. Kitty, TR/ST, The Velvet Underground, Kraftwerk and the list goes on and on!

ES: Which are your influences in writing the lyrics? Are you inspired from personal experiences, everyday life, or something else?

Goo: Yes, every song has a meaning, I like to write a lot of spiritual and psychedelic lyrics, that has an inter-dimensional aspect to it, as well as trying to communicate with the other side and expressing emotions from daily life as well.

ES: "9 Lives" is your first full-length release. Considering that you are in music business long before this, how was the production phase and process of your personal album?

Goo: I wasn’t in the music business long before this. I have been making music for a long time, under different names, but this is my first official LP release with a label. The production process required a lot of hard work. I managed to get the whole album done in 7 months, by completing a track every 2 to 3 weeks, it was a lot of pressure, I basically didn’t go out for a year and just stuck to a very strict schedule

ES: Your music home is Negative Gain Productions. A company with a history in dark electro scene and with some great artists included. Does this help your work? And, talking about this, is there any new material being prepared?

Goo: Yes, Negative Gain have been very supportive and lovely to work with. I am honoured to be on the same label as the other artists as well, as I look up to them a lot. I am currently collaborating with Sidewalks and Skeletons, being featured on his entire new album, we are almost finished working on it, and it should be out this month or early next month.

ES: Music industry has changed a lot lately and has become really competitive, especially in electro scene. What is your opinion about this and where would you like to see your music project in the next 5 or 10 years?

Goo: It is very competitive, I really want to expand my music, my sound and become highly established, I am happy with the progress I have made and will continue working hard to grow and evolve.

ES: Tell us about you. What is Goo Munday doing on her free time? Do you listen to any music? Something that you love to listen to? Which are your top 5 albums or songs?

Goo: In my spare time, I love fashion, hanging out with my cat, eating vegan food and photography. My 5 top songs are
My frieng Goo - Sonic Youth
When the sun hits - Slowdive
Concrete - Crystal Castles
She is the new thing - The Horrors
Blue Monday - New Order

10. Would you like to share something else with our readers and electro fans?

Goo: Thanks so much for reading! You can follow me here
and listen to my album or watch my music videos here
There will be lots of new music videos and collaborations released this year also :)

Thank you very much. I wish you all the best in your life and in your music. Looking forward to hear from you again and to see you perform live. Perhaps, even in Greece...!!!


Goo Munday - Start A Fire






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