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Velvet Kills - Bodhi Labyrinth | Review

Velvet Kills - Bodhi Labyrinth

March 2020

Icy Cold Records/Manic Depression Records/Unknown Pleasures Records

Velvet Kills will will guide to you to the exit of your mind and body labyrinth!

Velvet kills returned this March, with a new album "Bodhi Labyrinth". The duo from Lisbon, Portugal solves the complex paths of your inner labyrinth. They lead your mind and soul, to be set free from all the negativity and greed, sadness, hate and ego.

Velvet Kills formed back in 2015 by Su Eko in the voice and electric bass and Harris Iveson in the synthesizers and the electric guitar. They released their debut EP, "Memory" in 2016, while their debut album, "Mischievous Urges" came out in 2017. The duo's sound is deep, into dark electronics, touched by a gothic hand. They balance between a cold soundscape, dressed with the melodic synths of Iveson and a dark, almost gothic ambience coming out of the electric bass and the deep voice of Su Eko.

"Bodhi Labyrinth" is right there! In this line of darkness and coldness. Starting with the "Bitch Face" the feelings is that, of depressed face, lost and found in everyone's ego and hate. Melodic downtempo synths and the dark voice of Su, starts the exploration of mind and body dead ends.

"Cash and Move" brings more tension with a breaking beat and an imperative call from Su, followed by a laugh into sarcasm. "In The Gold Mine" touches the post-punk, cold side, of the duo. The rhythm will definitely bring memories of cold wave, post-punk of the 80's. With a sharp guitar riff, distorted exactly as it should in order to bring this gothic, punk attitude in the duo's sound.

"Noise" is darkness. The vocals from Su can create the raw estrangement and the tension is strengthen by the synth's dark aesthetics. "The Key" seems to be the main target in this exploration. The key that will free our thoughts from greed and negativity. "The key is love". Enriched with a catchy beat, and emotional vocals, heading to the darkest dancefloors for a mystic dance. "Hangover Calling" is the closing chapter of the wandering in our inner dark paths. Totally dark synths and electro. Mystic waves and strong bass lines brings us to the exit of our labyrinth. Or not?

Velvet Kills created an album, that matches the gothic mysticism of a mind exploration, in order to be freed, with a quite minimalistic use of dark synths, absolutely enpowered, when the tension of the album needs to lift us up and be stronger. "Bodhi Labyrinth" comes with six chapters/songs talking through sarcasm for everyone's ugly face and thoughts. Punk when needed, melodic dark wave, dark electro, when you have to dig into your feelings. I think I could handle two or three more steps (songs) in this labyrinth. However, this doesn't mean that "Bodhi Labyrith" lagging in any aspect, in order to complete its concept.













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