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Sleepless Droids - Dust | Review

Sleepless Droids - Dust

January 2020

Self Released

Post-Industrial out of "Dust".

Sleepless Droids returned this year in action with a new release and new material. The Australian project after almost 7 years of silence returns with an EP released on January 24th.

Sleepless Droids started back in 2011 from am Australian producer, Aaron Poter. Potter wanted to experiment with the electro sounds, and those experimantations guided him from industrial tunes to electro rock elements and synth pop melodies. The result was two releases back in 2012, "Decision" and 2013 "Augmented". 

Now, after all this time, Sleepless Droids are back. Aaron Potter has been creating and preparing his return. With a slightly different sense in the sound, giving new dimensions to how Sleepless Droids sounds like, now, comparing to the early releases.

"Dust" is an EP, containing 3 tracks. Two new songs, the same titled "Dust", the "Believe" and a different version of "Dust" in a more electro version in "Dust (Substance)".

The same titled, "Dust", is this song that makes obvious the progress in the project's sound. Potter seems to moving a few steps away from the industrial pop and breaking-beats and tunes of the past and using a more electro rock profile in his arrangements. With elements reminding electro and industrial rock and indie themes, "Dust" is a really good song, with a mid-tempo electro sound.

"Believe" is more melodic, in a lower tempo, building a colder and darker ambience. Here, there is also a small glance in the break-beat sound of the past but with the bpm's in a really smaller number.

"Dust(Substance)" is a "club" version of the opening track. Electro-industrial atmosphere, synths in a  dancing mood, makes "Dust" sound much different than the original.

Sleepless Droids returned. And despite their not, full-length return, and with a small "taste" of new material, Mr. Potter is back, showing to us all the progress he has made all these years. I would dare to say that Sleepless Droids seem to include several other influences in "Dust", like The Young Gods in their least heavy moments, or a sense of Velvet Acid Christ's, perhaps from "Lust of Blood" times and without the heavy distortions. All in all, a beautiful EP from the Australian electro project, Sleepless Droids, creating anticipation for more new songs and a full-length album.






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