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Crowd Of Chairs, the noiserock / post-punk trio, releases "Mod Kid With Dog". | Review

Crowd Of Chairs - Mod Kid With Dog

February 2020

Sentimental Records

Noiserock, Post-punk project from Belgium, Crowd of Chairs returns with a new full length album.

Crowd Of Chairs released their second studio full length album on February 21st, via Sentimental Records. 

"Mod Kid With Dog" is their new work including 11 tracks. Crowd of Chairs formed back in 2015, and were rapidly distinguished by international media and promoters, for their unique noisy, psychedelic guitar sound, the strong bass lines and the post-punk drum beats. Their first studio album, "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck" released back in 2017, while this year they are back with the "Mod Kid With Dog".

"Mod Kid With Dog" is a special album that needs to be properly heard. It is the sound, where you will find the noisy guitars, creating a haunted atmosphere. "Mod Kid With Dog" is a unique album since there is so much addictive complexity in its arrangements and compositions. There is a mixture in feelings of despair and depression. Like the band says it is the itching rash that you can't or you don't want to get rid of and is there due to a lack health care. Strong bass lines are there to make the noisy guitar riffs sound even dirtier, while they add this extra darkness and power to Crowd of Chairs music.  

"Mod Kid With Dog" is an album full of surprises. Starting with the fact that it contains multiple vocals and harmonies. Then it is this tension, each song throws in the air. There is the dark psychedelic beauty of the "Tourist". An amazing dark rock song with deep vocals, and a feeling of having a nightmare that can't wake up from. The powerful "Everyone" with a punk-to-deathrock emotions and the unique drumplay. The psychedelic and cold "Faceless" and "At The Door At Dawn", could easily give you these feelings of anxiety that don't want to leave. Dynamic post-punk and addictive noise with alterations between guitar sounds, different vocals, sometimes double, in "Asocial Breeding Control", "Dare To Follow (tape only)".

Even when Crowd of Chairs decide to be more melodic it is this darkness and feelings of decay that are so strong, like in "(Internal Dialogue) No Witness (tape only)".

"Hollow Thoughts of Wrong", is the one that, along with "Tourist" will haunt your music quests and nights. There are these avant-garde, psychedelic outbursts in those tracks that will follow you for a long time. Even the shortest in duration but full of mysticism "N° 117" and "(Nothing Left To) Talk About" complets that noisy dark music puzzle of the Belgians. And in the end there is the "Should I Make Them See Or Just Go Back To Sleep" that closes the door and leaves you into the attic with your strange feelings and nightmares.

A really unique dark rock album, flowing easily from the psychedelic noisy guitars and bass to deathrock and post-punk rhythms. And there is these genius turns in the arrangements that makes "Mod Kid With Dog" even more avant-garde and progressively dark. And finally, the mixture of the multiple vocals are just there to seal these cold feelings into this 11 track masterpiece. Excellent!







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