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Fatigue releases same titled debut EP!

Fatigue is a dark electro pop project from New England!

A new arrival in the first days of 2020. A beautiful surprise was waiting in ElektroSpank's inbox. It was obvious from minute one, that Fatigue's debut EP, "Fatigue", was going to play on repeat. 

First, let me introduce to you Fantigue. Fantigue is everything that is hidden into the mind of New England-based industrial producer and DJ Sawtooth. With Fatigue project, DJ Sawtooth seems to have found the vehicle to express the music influences. Based on elements from TR/ST, The Knife until Die Form, Black Nail Cabaret, Fatigue creates a dark, depressed electro, synth-pop with strong beats and catchy synths on one hand, and dark electro and synth melodies.

Starting with "Slavering", it is the first track that will make you play this EP on repeat. I told you about the influences of Fatigue's sound, but I did not tell you about "Slavering". In "Slavering" there is an obvious, at least to my ears, influence from Priest. You will find all these characteristics that you would love to listen to a possible future single from Priest. So, there you have it. "Slavering" is an addictive dark electro pop song that has come to stick in your head. Strong synth lines and beat along with a catchy chorus which can't get out of your head.

In the debut EP you will find four more tracks, that bring in front, a most dark, melodic and haunting side of Fatigue. "The Middle Class" is a dark synth pop, describing all this everyday depression, through a cold-depressive pop. "Grudges" is a dark punk-pop track, keeping the darkness of the previous song, while in vocals there is an appearance of a post-punk artist, Thornbrain. "Next Exit" is a cover of Interpol's indie/post-punk beautiful song. A really good cover adding the appropriate electro elements in an, anyway, amazing song. Fatigue EP is closing with a remix of a previous-released single "Pageantry" by cinematic industrial artist Slighter.

Really good and interesting debut EP from New England based project, Fatigue. There are, definitely, so many more to find out about this new project of DJ Sawtooth and looking forward for more from Fatigue. Check this EP on Fatigue's bandcamp page, where is availble under a "name your price" option.

---- Official press ----

Dark synth-pop songs about disaffection with our underwhelming modern world.
01. Slavering
02. The Middle Class
03. Grudges (feat. ThornBrain)
04. Next Exit (Interpol Cover - BandCamp Exclusive Track)
05. Pageantry (Slighter Remix)
The debut vocal EP from the mind of New England-based industrial producer and DJ Sawtooth, Fatigue is a dark and depressed take on synth-pop and darkwave music that tackles the frustration, anxiety and listlessness of modern life to a backdrop of club-ready beats, glimmering synths, and world-worn vocals just barely clinging to humanity. Features tracks about the loss of identity in a modern 9-to-5 work-world, the illusion of an idealized middle class, and deep-seated grudges. (With guest vocals from post-punk artist ThornBrain.)
Also features a cover of alternative rock group Interpol's 2004 track "Next Exit" (BandCamp Exclusive) as well as a remix of Fatigue's previous-released single "Pageantry" by cinematic industrial artist Slighter.
Mastered by Colin C. at The Cell Studio PDX

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