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Long Night - Barren Land | Review

Long Night - Barren Land

December 2018

Swiss Dark Nights / Black Rider Records

"Barren Land" is the first full length album for the goth rockers Long Night, following their debut release in 2016.

Long night, from, the faraway, Norway are from these guys who put their mark on gothic music and they're still walking on its dark paths. Τheir music experiences seems to be a big source of inspiration, after two years from their first album "Sorrow Returns", it didn't take so long for their second release and the album "Barren Land".

Tommy Olsson is the band's guitarist, songwriter and producer. In the past was the instigator of many thrilling bands like Theatre of Tragedy, Elusive and many more. Τhe vocalist Osten Vige Bergoy was the vocalist of the enchanting Tristania and the guitarist Arni Sorlie, who is also an excellent musician, plays guitar in a band named Steelburner. Τhe three of them unite their musical talent and of course the result rewards, them and their fans, as well! What always impresses me in a band like this and shows what really stands out is the aesthetics and diversity of personality of each member. Cowboy hats and shoes in shades of black, low lights, smoke and haunted melodies drives you definitely in a dark and mysterious atmosphere. I will not miss the fact that their love for music makes them especially unique and how they may not be? After they're being able to surprise us with their performance!

After a long time, with changes, I believe that Long Night come with a more liberated and mature sound in all their expressions, the stories through the lyrics and the emotional deep vocals, which sometimes give a charming note. And this charmness retains the mysterious atmosphere that really makes you addicted to their music. This album is a harmoniously easy acoustic and melodically intoxicating with deep dark vocals, dynamic guitars and with a strong background full of different compositions.

Starting with ''East of the Sun West of the Moon'', I would say that this one takes me somewhere far away, where the sun goes down and a love still waiting for the return of her beloved. There, where the wind blows cold, close to the woods, and you stay all alone. I am into these lyrics definitely. I like the theatrical vocal performance from Osten, especially when he creates an emotionally intense atmosphere. I like the goth rhythms that beating like a heart!

Ιn the ''Night's Ablaze'', passion and romance came into conflict with guns and dangers that inherent in a cruel world and the only thing that is worthy, is the flame of love to stay alive! The music starts to play with a strong beat that becomes more relaxed, leaving us an anticipation for something, and after a few seconds a soft rhythm set of drums and guitars follows the dark emotional vocals, that become stronger somewhere after the first minute!

Another story begins with "Barren Land" and putting us in a darker scenario, where the lyrics create images like those in movies, I don't know exactly the thoughts behind this story but I have the desire to decipher it like in every song I hear every time. While I was listening to the music, I've felt like I had something to expect once more from Long Night. Ιn "Barren Land" darkness haunts dreams, hopes and emotions, and then the void of non-existence that you feel turns into emptiness and weakness.

"On a Little Snowy field" is a song that is creating dark and cold images, starting with a clear bassline and continuing with tones of jazz and blues rhythms, an atmospheric ballad that focuses mainly on guitar parts and melancholic deep vocals. It manages to warm your soul despite creating cold images. The song reminds me other great bands like 16 Horsepower, Madrugada and David Bowie.

"Black River". What to say about this song. It is simple when it starts to play but then is not. It has something that fascinates me, that is more hidden than the other songs I have in my favorites list. It starts with a rhythm that have this gothic oriental tone, its rhythm keeps you in agony and at the same time you feel that something will happen,
a dirty game will evolve into a thriller night with victims and perpetrators and what is more cunning and diabolical is that captivates and destroys you! A woman in this story and a black river that haunts your fears, perhaps one of the most beautiful and atmospheric songs of the album that I kept for the end.

The rest I leave to your discretion. We hope to see Long Night soon in Greece. Greetings and cheers to you guys! I hope to see you again!

Text by Cleopatra K.





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