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Antipole - Radial Glare | Review

Antipole - Radial Glare

September 2019

Young and Cold Records

Antipole released their new full-length album "Radial Glare".

Well, I can say that every time I start writing a text for Antipole, mainly while listening to their music, it really takes long. And I could not understand why, until recently. So, the reason was obvious, from the very first moment. The sound and music of Antipole is something that embraces the listener in a way that he/she feels like he/she can't do anything else. The only thing that someone can do is just sit back, relax and let the music of Karl Morten Dahl do the rest. With the absolutely perfect matched voices, of Eirene, Paris Alexander and Marc Lewis.

There is something very special in the way that Antipole uses the dark wave elements making them sound even colder. That is the case with their new album "Radial Glare". In "Radial Glare" Antipole creates their unique tone of dark wave and cold wave. I think I've already written this, in their "Syndrome" video presentation. In some cases Antipole redefines the dark, cold wave and post-punk to the way it sounds like today. It was quite obvious since they released "Syndrome" but now that we've heard to "Radial Glare" as a whole, it is certain.

"Radial Glare" includes what a possible new single from David Bowie would sound like. You can find it in the first song "Decade Apart ft Paris Alexander, Eirene". Also, there would be possible to find a new old-Kirlian Camera single in "Part Deux ft Eirene" And these are just two of the 11 gems in "Radial Glare". And despite the possible influences from those artists mentioned above, or, even, from more artists., Antipole's sound in "Radial Glare" is so unique. They just borrow these elements and influences and build their own sound upon them.

So, "Decade Apart ft Paris Alexander, Eirene" starts the engine for what will follow. There is a magic touch in the guitar in this song being so hypnotic and makes someone feel surrounded with darkness, pulling him down. "Syndrome ft Paris Alexander" was released prior to the album. An emotional and cold song, creating a dark melancholic ambience, while the voice of Paris Alexander goes really deep in some moments. 

"Memorial Waves ft Paris Alexander, Eirene" starts focused to the electronic side of the band. Quite, in upper tempo, still strongly emotional while guitars sliding in and leads the rest of the sound. Combined vocal parts from Paris and Eirene gives a contrast to the sound. "Part Deux ft Eirene" is, perhaps, my personal favorite of "Radial Glare". A cold, post-punk emotional melody and an amazing voice, that of Eirene. Guitar riffs and chords here, have just arrived from the 80's cold wave, post-punk, and transformed, to fit this new form by Karl.. In "Hyocsine ft Paris Alexander" the presence of Robert Smith is clear. Guitar sound brings that memory but again in a way that Antipole would like to,

"Le Moment ft Paris Alexander, Eirene" stays in the same line with "Hyocsine", the voice of Eirene ads a tone of mysticism. A mystic ambience remains in "Divine ft Eirene", creating a melancholic soundscape. In "Everything" a new addition to Anipole's featured artists, Marc Lewis, takes care of vocals. Marc Lewis is a well-know artist in music industry and in new wave, power pop. He had been an ex-member of the legendary 80's band, Sad Lovers And Giants. Marc has given a new dimension to the vocal side of Antipole with his beautiful voice in "Everything ft Marc Lewis" and "Here I am ft Marc Lewis". There is quite more 80's essence in those two songs. A perfect addition to Antipole's music and voices.

In "July Supine ft Eirene" there is this feeling that you are looking at a scenery, changing the colors between black and white. Again, I think the voice of Eirene is amazing and emotional. "1983 ft Eirene" is there to finish this journey, to stop the engine and to let everyone land safely to their routine. The music of Karl and the voice of Eirene take care of this.

The new album of Antipole "Radila Glare" is a new wave of coldness. A true next step comparing to their debut album "Northern Flux". Remaining focused to their dark form of sounds and their influences but with the addition of such new elements, making all this transform to an identical, unique Antipole sound. Really good new release from the Norwegian based project of Karl Morten Dahl who adopted every characteristics of the featured artists, Paris Alexander, Eirene and Marc Lewis.







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