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Silence In The Snow - Levitation Chamber | New album, about shadows dancing in the light | Review

Silence In The Snow - Levitation Chamber

July 2019

Prophecy Productions

Silence In The Snow can make you dream while listening to a really passionate combination of dark ethereal and post-punk!

Silence In The Snow returns this year with their second full length album, "Levitation Chamber", coming out on July, 26th from Prophecy Productions.

Well, when I pressed the play button to listen to "Levitation Chamber" I really was not prepared for what would come next. From the first note and tone my blood became was cold as snow and a strange silence filled the room. Nothing else could be heard, apart from this beautiful music, the emotional vocals of Silence In The Snow's vocalist, Cyn M and the dark dreaming sounds of the duo's.

Silence In The Snow is an Oakland/US based duo and is the dark ethereal collaboration of guitarist/vocalist Cyn M. and drummer Trevor DeSchryver (Wolves in the Throne Room, Lycus, Dispirit, ex-Deafheaven). "Levitation Chamber" is their second full-length album and the first album coming out from Prophecy Productions. Their debut album, "Break The Skin" was released in 2016 and it received an excellent feedback from both media and fans.

In their come back with "Levitation Chamber" the duo presents a more dynamic sound including the live drums of DeSchryver and dynamic compositions. A cold atmosphere is being created from the beginning. It is an absolute trip in cold darkness where the voice of Cyn M. is the guide to the unknown paths that their music and the drums of DeSchryver creates. Εasy paths to walk, in the beginning, with unexpected turns throughout the journey. After every turn, you always feel the excitement and want to see what's next. That is exactly how I felt when I first heard "Levitation Chamber". And when the destination was reached and the music stopped, I just wanted to walk this path again. "Levitation Chamber" is just playing on repeat.

"Time Will Tell You Nothing" starts this journey with some melancholic melody and a slow drum beat giving the tone for the first steps. Listener is starting to bond with the sound and the voice. When I listened to those lyrics I was excited to see that the writings was just the same with the feelings. "Step outside this moment, Separate mind and body, Spirit guides the journey". That is exactly the concept. I would add the voice in the spirits. "Smoke Signals" is the first turn on this path and journey. The ethereal ambience becomes a strong deathrock sense. While the tension goes up, there comes the melody of the chorus and the reassuring voice to calm you down.

"Crystal Spear" is guiding the listener to a post-punk part of the journey. Beautiful sharp guitar riffs with the drums keeping this dark mood and again an amazing dreamy vocal performance. "Garden of Echoes" leads the path to a glade of sounds. Quite darker in the first steps, enlightened while going towards the next turn. Starting with a drumbeat and a bassline it evolves to a dark melody with the guitar sliding onto this drum-line going to a dynamic end with a catchy melody and stronger beats.

"In the Dark" is this turn that takes you out of the glade and brings you back into the cold feeling and the darkness. Melancholic melodies, this time with the addition of a synth melody. Slower pace in drums but with a really dark mood in the tempo, the guitars and the lyrics. In "Cruel Ends", Silence In The Snow going even deeper in the gothic mood with guitars giving this sense, while Cyn M's voice follows this same feeling. There is a feeling that the end of the path is approaching but you still need more. "Dread The Low" is the last part of this journey. Ethereal darkness is giving the feeling that we are close to the end of the path. Tension is growing slowly along with increasing power of the beautiful dark wave guitars, voice and music and makes the anticipation stronger. Anticipation to hear even more dark stories from the Silence In The Snow.

Silence In The Snow, with "Levitation Chamber", manage to create a music in dark themes growing in power and tension as the album plays. Dreamy voice from Cyn M, tripping and strong guitar riffs, moving from ethereal ways to deathrock, post-punk riffs and gothic landscapes. And all these with an excellent drum playing from Trevor DeSchryver which helps keeping this variety in tension and feelings. "Levitation Chamber" is an absolute journey into darkness through different sounds and landscapes. No matter what is your favorite genre, from dark ethereal to post-punk or even gothic rock to melodic metal this one will take you to its journey and you will enjoy it.








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