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[P.U.T] - We are (br)others | Review

[P.U.T] - We are (br)others

April 2019

Cursed Monk Records

Industial sludge noise in their latest album "We are (br)others" from [P.U.T] .

[P.U.T] is an industrial noise band coming from France. The band currently consists of the three brothers, Beyet Loïc (Guitar, voice, programming), Beyet Lionel (Bass, voice, programming), Beyet Nicolas (Guitar, voice). [P.U.T]  are now located somewhere between Paris and Brussels and their sound is based on industrial noise elements combined with heavy sludge metal guitar riffs and doom-ish rhythms. However, their influences includes even some punk sounds and the result is a powerful industrial sludge punk, with a mix of machines vs guitars, to create a music that borrows to madness, emotion, heaviness and anger.
Personal and without concessions, their 6 albums, 8 maxis, 1 split CD, 4 live, a 7inch, a compilation of rareties, and more than 50 contributions to worldwide compilations, does not disavow the influences of Godflesh, Killing joke, Sonic Youth, Scorn or Unsane (and many more!).

"We are (br)others" is the 6th full length album of the trio and is a compilation of all the above influences and sounds. Doom and dark atmosphere, yet powerful and aggressive in many forms.

The album opens with "In Control", almost pure industrial with some psychedelic rock riffs. "I am Nothing" is going deeper into sludge metal power. Heavy guitars and a feeling of anger.

"In conflict" reveals the punk side of the band, while in "Down" the tempo is lower, getting back to the doom path with some distorted vocals, as in the rest of the album. In "Oppresed" we find more electronic elements than the heavy guitars, which are still here though, with modulated vocals and a catchy beat. "Here" is a low noise industrial part of the album presenting several sounds distorted or not matched together.

"Angry" is a southern sludge metal influenced song with much anger into it but expressed with a stoner spirit. "Possesed" keeps the same ambience with "Angry", not much in the southern form but mostly in the doom, sludge side combined with electronic elements. "Not Your Dog" returns to the stoner rock guitar riffs and with some haunting vocals. "We Are (br)others" is closing with a pure sludge industrial meta song, "Pain", powerful guitars and raw vocals creating some strange energy which hits your mind. Certainly "Pain" is one of my favorites.

Compact, powerful album from [P.U.T]. "We are brothers" combines the power of sludge metal, the noisy industrial tunes, heavy guitars diving even into punk rock riffs with some really dark, doom atmosphere. Make sure you will check it and listen to it!







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