Kill Shelter - Asylum | Review

Kill Shelter - Asylum

July 2022

Manic Depression Records / Metropolis Records

New album for Pete Burns's project, Kill Shelter, titled “Asylum”.

After the successful debut album, "Damage", in 2018 and the powerful follow-up with "A Haunted Place" in 2021 and the collaboration with Antipole, the solo project from Edinburgh, Scotland returns in July 2022 with brand new release.

Pete Burns seems not to rest on the success of his previous albums and continues to, generously, give the world unique creations of modern goth rock aesthetics. The signs had been seen from the beginning and "Damage" and which were developed even more in "A Haunted Place". In the two previous albums, Kill Shelter played on a different concept since in the first one Pete collaborated with artists of the contemporary dark alternative scene, while in the second one, he found the right recipe by having Karl Morten Dahl of Antipole next to him. In "Asylum" we have a return to the first "recipe", since we find amazing collaborations with dark, goth voices of the present but also some that come from a long time ago, while it is released in two versions with slight differences, as you will read below. The European version comes from Manic Depression Records and the US version from Metropolis Records.

So in "Asylum", next to Pete Burns, we find figures we have known for many years, such as the amazing William Faith, known from his participation in bands such as Rozz Williams's Christian Death, Mephisto Waltz, founding member of Faith & The Muse, while since 2011 he created The Bellwether Syndicate, while we also find him on the bass of The March Violets.

But to start things off, “Asylum” kicks off with “Time Will Come”. The influences of Pete Burns have been known for a long time and at the beginning of the album he puts us straight into the deep goth rock "waters" with a track that excites you from the beginning. We find Pete Burns on the vocals, while the composition has a goth 'n' roll mood. Next we have "In This Place ft. Beborn Beton” where we find the collaboration with Stefan Netschio, whose voice takes us back to the synthpop sounds of the 90s. A track with lyrics about human trafficking and abuses of power in a blend of classic goth rock melody with dark pop touches by Beborn Beton.

In "Queen of The Hearts ft Valentina Veil" we have the collaboration with the voice of VV & The Void. The mood seems to stay on goth pop paths, picking up where "In This Place" left off, with the addition of more synth lines and Valentina Veil's ethereal vocals. “Burried Deep ft Antipole” dives into dark post-punk with Pete's deep dark vocals and Karl Morten Dahl's lines. A familiar sound now from the beautiful collaborations of the two artists. Then we have a passage to the second part of the album with the dark melodies of "The Room" for the European Version of "Asylum" and "Crossing Borders" for the US version. Psychedelic and dark ambience for both tracks.

"The Necklace ft Agent Side Grinder" is the first single from the album. Strong electro goth with a fair dose of dark energy in a track that set the tone for "Asylum" and its themes around physical and mental abuse from the beginning. "Feed The Fire ft Ash Code" keeps the same dark atmosphere with beautiful sharp guitars and strong beats along the lines of old school goth rock. "Cover Me" is probably my favorite moment of "Asylum". It is the moment when William Faith puts his voice and gives a unique '90s dark image, sound and aesthetic to an already very beautiful composition by Pete Burns.

"All Of This ft Ronny Moorings" brings another very strong collaboration of Kill Shelter, with the mastermind of Clan Of Xymox in a "fresh" and modern gothic rock track. Uptempo dark sounds, with changes that make it really interesting and ready to accompany you on any dark dancefloor. “Asylum” closes with “A Shadow Of A Doubt” for the European Version and “The Cage” for the US Version. Dark instrumental and depressive melodies for both versions, leave you with the feeling that you are never going to escape from some dark asylum basement.

A very strong return for the talented musician and producer from Scotland. Personal opinion, exactly along the lines and paths I expected Kill Shelter's third album to take. Pete Burns has created a trademark gothic, electronic sound, managing to combine dynamic post-punk riffs and sharp guitars with synth elements and melodies to complement the gloomy frame. In "Asylum" he presents us with themes that are different interpretations of the term "asylum", such as human trafficking, domestic abuse, seeking refuge, disillusionment and redemption. If your mind plays dark games with a soundtrack of old school goth rock sounds and electronic soundscapes, you are ready for the “Asylum”.


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