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The Journal Playlist - February 2024, pt.1

New music, new sounds, new adventures!

The Journal blog playlist is here and there are so many new things that you can find in here! Together with the blog reviews you will find some companions like the related Mixcloud and the Blog Playlists.

This is our first log Playlist, including some of the latest submissions in ElektroSpank's headquarter. We always try to give the new artists the space that perhaps will lead their music to more fans!

So let's go into our sonic journey!

Buddy Junior - 2 CENTS

Buddy Junior is a noise pop band from San Francisco. "2 CENTS" is an emotional noisy shoegaze track for someone's who is willing to get out and cut off unacceptable behaviours and continue his/her life!




JeezJesus - Anxiety

JeezJesus is the electronic music project from Leamington Spa, UK, born musician Joe McIntosh. "Anxiety" is the first of the singles that JeezJesus will release this year, going deeper into darker sounds, like dark electro, dark wave, industrial. "Anxiety" 's main influence is Ministry's, 1986, album, "Twitch".




Astralchord - Jay Of Chaos

"Jay Of Chaos" from Astralchord is a hard techno, techno track including some ethnic references with lyrics and vocals from the Witcher 3 soundtrack, ''The Wolven Storm'' and Old Bulgarian Chants about a bird, sitting on a very tall tree, in a forest, singing loudly.




Sin + Seraphim - Quarantine (Xenobyt Remix)

Xenobyt remixes "Quarantine" from Sin + Seraphim, turning the dark seductive melody of the original into a powerful low tempo, haunting synthwave track.





Paolo Virdis - Desert Tears

"Desert Tears" is a lend of industrial beats, post-punk lines and dark ambience. Paolo Virdis is hailing from Turin, Italy and adopts his dark, industrial influences into his music, using even some Detroit techno elements







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