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Mayzie - Boys Will Be Boys, a raw punk-gaze song

Mayzie unveils the emerging creative force, delivered in the new single "Boys Will Be Boys"!

Mayzie unleashes a sonic assault with her latest single "Boys Will Be Boys", seamlessly blending elements of alternative rock and post-punk, this track is a raw and remorseless exploration. From the moment the roaring guitars kick in, accompanied by pounding drums and pulsating basslines, "Boys Will Be Boys" grabs you with an energy that is distinct.

Mayzie hits us with "Boys will be boys'", "a gritty, alternative track rich in both instrumental and lyrically figurative layers. As a commentary on the female experience in a male dominated industry, "Boys will be boys" offers real insight into the true nature of being a female musician. 'The song reflects on how a certain subset of mostly male musicians make space for themselves, while subsequently ensuring there is no space for anyone else."

What sets "Boys Will Be Boys" apart is its relentless intensity and raw authenticity.The sense of raw alternative, punk attitude, touching grunge lines with an amount of anger that flows from the song's subject, make "Boys Will Be Boys"a unique soundscape that can hit you in the face with the true feelings, the powerful guitars, the angry and sad, but beautiful voice of Mayzie. A song that it is dark on every aspect and can give you that emotion from its first note.

Mayzie is an emerging creative force and new solo project currently tackling the alternative scene. Originally hailing from Christchurch, Mayzie Wallen has found a new artistic home in the vibrant music scene of Melbourne. While Mayzie is recognized as one-half of the dream-gaze duo VHS Dream, she is also a key contributor to the ethereal sounds of Melbourne's shoegaze ensemble, Oceans. Drawing inspiration from a broad spectrum of influences, Mayzie's music weaves together elements from the lyricism and timbres of fellow Kiwis such as David and Hamish Kilgour, Chris Knox, Sarah-Mary Chadwick, and Roy Montgomery. The echoes of shoegaze icons like Slowdive and the Cocteau Twins resonate in her work, creating a melancholic and dreamy soundscape tailored for those with 'short attention spans.' Mayzie's artistry is ornamented with noteworthy moments, including a collaboration with the iconic Hamish Kilgour of The Clean during his Melbourne shows in 2021. She has also left her mark by supporting Flying Colours in 2014 and embarking on tours across Australia and New Zealand with her band Oceans.  Mayzie's solo endeavors pay credit to her ability to craft emotive, atmospheric compositions that transport listeners to otherworldly realms. With a musical palette that blends nostalgia and innovation, Mayzie promises to be at the forefront of Australia's alternative music scene for a long time to come. 





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