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Sandi Glowe - She Holds All the Pain of the World, an indie, slowcore balad

"She Holds All the Pain of the World" is the new single from Sandi Glowe!

Sandi Glowe is a 25-year-old Italian singer songwriter and guitarist. She was born and lived in Rome up until the age of 19, when she decided to take a step into the unknown and moved to Manchester, living there for 4 years in order to expand her musical experience.

"She Holds All the Pain of the World" is her latest single release, out via Analogue Trash label, included in the latest EP, "She Holds All the Pain of the World", released on April 5th. With "She Holds All the Pain of the World", Sandi Glowe is blending delicate melodies with melancholic undertones. Her evocative voice serves as the emotional centerpiece of the song and delivers the ethereal ambience and the essence of longing and nostalgia. The slowcore influence is evident in the deliberate tempo and sparse arrangement

“is it the past that affects my will? explores my dreams and my fears,” reveals Sandi. “It looks at both sides of the coin: feelings of hope and feelings of hopelessness. With the EP, I wanted to paint a world of surreal images to talk about feelings that we all feel and have felt.”

She continues, “I didn’t reference specific artists in the writing process, I have always been naturally drawn to melancholic melodies and that’s what generally guides my songwriting. However, in terms of production me and my producers had different references in mind for each song to add emphasis to the tone and message of the lyrics. The ethereal and romantic dreampop textures of Cigarettes After Sex were the main reference for Blackpool’s sound, for example.”

“Michael Andrews’ Donnie Darko soundtrack, with its John Barry and Ennio Morricone influences, inspired the production for Where the Light Goes and industrial rock acts like Nine Inch Nails and Ministry can be heard in the production choices for Silent Town and elements of She Holds All the Pain of the World. As diverse as that may sound, the EP works really well when played from start to finish in its entirety, something that was very important to me during the recording and production process.” 







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