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Before After Again - Black Screen, heavy synth pop

"Black Screen" blends synth pop arrangements with post-punk elements!

Before After Again is a synth pop, post-punk duo hailing from Nashville, Tenessee consisting of Jason Whitcomb and Kevin Hartnell who they draw upon darkwave, post punk, industrial, and electro-rock styles to create a new sound. The duo is quite productive lately with numerous really beautiful and interesting singles being released since their last album, "After".

Here, we listen to "Black Screen" the single released back in January 29th, where there is a strong blend of 90's industrial and post-punk, electro sounds. combining pulsating electronic rhythms with introspective lyricism and angular guitar work. "Black Screen" opens with a strong bass line and beat that evoke a sense of gritty electronic nostalgia, immediately drawing listeners into its raw soundscape. The propulsive drum beats and driving basslines goes the song forward, creating a sense of aggression and urgency. The vocals, delivered with a mixture of deep emotion and blitzed, weave through the atmosphere with a haunting quality.

"Black Screen" is an appealing trip that balances between the synth-pop and post-punk, offering a sense that is both reminiscent and intriguing.

Before After Again gives a taste of the hard synth pop that they deliver while they build a contrast with some of their recent single releases where they focus on the electronic and pop side of their music world. 







If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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