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MDNGHTMASS - Run and Gun, a cyber, electro pop

"Run And Gun" is a blend of electronica and metallic riffs!

MDNGHTMASS holds its heavy roots really good and safe in the "Run and Gun" single. "Run and Gun" is a thrilling fusion of cyber electro-pop and heavy guitar riffs that delivers a surge of energy from start to finish. A dark alternative, religious, electro with pulsating beats that can blend the catchy, danceable tone of pop culture with the grindy guitar riffs that transforms the pop ambience into a gritty sonic experience. 

MDNGHTMASS says about "Run and Gun":"A getaway car anthem for a cyberpunk bank heist. Heavy, driving bass and kick bolted to a thunderous heavy metal guitar rhythm. You can dance to it. You can headbang to it."

After the rhythmic beat and bass of the beginning the song progresses based on the intensity and building more power with the introduction of gritty guitar riffs, adding a raw, edgy element to the mix. Vocals and lyrics give even more waves to the energy of "Run and Gun" adding depth to the sonic landscape that is being created with the overall instrumentation.

"Run and Gun" introduces the emotional and pop side of MDNGHTMASS since the rest of the songs accompanying this one in the "I Know There 's A Heaven Beacause I've Seen Hell" EP focuses on the heavy guitars,electro rock and alternative blend.






If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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