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Meersein - Mavrula, haunting synth pop

Meersein releases the new dark synth pop single, "Mavrula"!

"Mavrula" is the new single of the German based dark synth pop artist. A vibrant and captivating "synth pop meets goth" song that takes the listener into the haunting world of its main character. Meersein manages to build a futuristc soundscape using several indicative synth pop elements, combining catchy electronic linesand melodies with pulsating rhythm.

"Mavroula" is dragging the listener into its world with the appealing beat and a bass line that goes to the beautiful vocals of its creator, Meersein. A beautiful chorus is following with references to Meersein synth pop influences from the past but including characteristics from some of the modern best of the genre.

Like the melody of "Mavroula", the voice of Meersein is catchy and dark hooking the listenr to the haunting images of his sonic journey. Lyrics are blending themes of the songs hero inner demons and creating spooky images.

Meersie comments on "Mavroula": "Dive into the haunting world of Meersein's latest single, "Mavrula." Explore the depths of inner turmoil and the struggle against the inevitable pull of darkness. In this mesmerizing blend of Gothic and Synth-Pop, Meersein invites you to confront your inner demons alongside him. From the haunting verses to the powerful chorus, "Mavrula" grips you with its raw emotion and atmospheric melodies. Join the journey as Meersein battles against the relentless force of Mavrula, a captivating yet dangerous presence that threatens to consume everything in its path. Will he find salvation, or will he be forever trapped in the shadows? Tune in and embrace the darkness."

"Mavroula" is a really well-structured song with the synth creating a sensuous atmosphere based on main synth-pop elements. Synth arrangements and attractive beats blends into a modern dark synth pop texture. Overall, the new single from Meersein stands upon the moder synth pop lines, capturing the darkest essence of this sound and blended with a gloomy and dark theme, leading into the gothic pop ambience of the song!






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