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The Ultimate Dreamers - Big Violent (Front 242 cutter mix by P. Codenys), goes into the heart of EBM

Patrick Codenys gives a  new dimension to the powerful single, "Big Violent" from The Ultimate Dreamers!

"Big Violent (Front 242 cutter mix by P. Codenys)" is a harsh ride into the pulsating paths of pure electronic body music and old school industrial. The Ultimate Dreamers, hailing from Brussels, Belgium, released the EP "Violent Chost" back in October 2023. By no means, this release can't go unnoticed, since it takes 3 songs from the band's magnificent album, "Echoing Reverie" and trasforms them into powerful dark beats and catchy hits, in "Big Violent (Single Edit)" and "Piano Ghost (Rough Mix)" while "Midnight" is stripped down to its core and roots under the supervision of piano and cello.

All 3 tracks have, also, been revisited by the featured artists and bands who give a new dimension to the originals and to their new versions as well. "Big Violent" is left in the magic hands of Front 242's, Patrick Codenys. The result is a song that, instantly, sets the mechanical atmosphere, creating an absolute hit taken out from a dystopian soundscape. The elements used, already approved, including a throbbing bassline, a pure EBM energetic tempo, building an electrified atmosphere as the one coming straight out of the industrial core. 

Vocals deliver with a compelling presence, holding their roughness and darkness and fitting into the mechanized sonic ambience. Production is gritty and raw, while the strong industrial elements keep the track evolving and the synth and beat variations make it a strong danceable track!

"Big Violent (Front 242 cutter mix by P. Codenys)" manages to transform into a pure EBM track, coming from the old school and the roots of the genre using the harsh sounds and the electro aggression that defines industrial genre. A cutter mix the commands the listener to play it loud!

The Ultimate Dreamers, "Violent Ghost" EP released on October 27th, 2023 via Spleen+ and it is available on all digital platforms and also available as a very limited edition on CD format via the band’s own official merchandising / Komakino Records.










If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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