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Sleep Kicks shared the cold, indie/post-punk it, "Sawdust"

Catchy post-punk sounds in the last single, "Sawdust" from Sleep Kicks!

Norwegian, Oslo based, post-punk, indie rock quartet Sleep Kicks released the beautiful new single, "Sawdust", a few months after the release of their extraordinary debut album, "The Afterdrop".  

A while after the release of the successful debut the band from Oslo didn't sit on this success and started creating its next post-punk melody which brought the amazing, solid sound of "Sawdust". With the whole group involved in the creative procedure and writing process, the magnificent soundscape of "Sawdust" started to outspread! 

A really catchy arrangement, with great melodic parts, sharp guitar riffs and nice touch in the drums. Sleep kicks comments on "Sawdust" drum sound: "The tight and massive drum sound is partly due to the drums being recorded using the "Queens of the Stone Age method", where cymbals are recorded separately, as Dave Grohl did on Songs for the Deaf." "Sawdust" builds an intense ambience growing until the ferocious chorus lines. 

"Sawdust" comes with an official video recorded in the band's studio, edited by Terje Kleven.

Sleep Kicks released their debut album "The Afterdrop" in March this year, to great reviews in the Norwegian and international music press. The single "Neptune" in particular, with its personal background and touching music video, created a sensational engagement that culminated in NOK 4,000 to the Cancer Society and extensive articles in media. "Sawdust" released December 1, 2023. All music by Stephen Gardener/Terje Kleven/Jørn Landbakk/Frode Gundersen and lyrics by Terje Kleven.

The band's sound combines furious riffs and stadium friendly choruses, as well as some synth spice - all within an indie rock landscape with clear inspiration from the dark and urban post-punk from the early 80s. The references range from Simple Minds, Chameleons and a-ha to The Killers, Placebo and Interpol.







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