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William Bleak - Crows And Ravens, a dark song for clubs

William Bleak's, "Crows And Ravens" is the goth, cold wave song that you will love to dance!

William Bleak is a Berlin based project, delivering the goth and gloomy mood in a catchy, danceable tone. "Crows And Ravens" is haunting exploration of cold wave and dark wave aesthetics, built upon old school club hits. From the very first pulsating beats the intention of William Bleak becomes clear, inviting the listener to his world's and nightmare's darkest sides and corners. 

"Crows And Ravens" strikes you from the very first moment with its dark ambience and the deep vocals of its creator. The tension keeps getting higher as the song progress, something that is being depicted in the voice of William Bleak, in the strong bass lines, in the gritty, sharp guitar riffs and in the dark, gothic melody that takes you in the outro chorus with hauling, gloomy guitar chord. 

"Crows And Ravens" is here to make you dance. William Bleak comments: "Crows & Ravens is written to be the perfect goth song, a love letter to the community designed for gigs and clubs alike". And this single is absolutely that. Instrumentation and production is strong and atmospheric at the same time, with layers of bass, synths and reverberating guitars creating a dense and immersive sound landscape.

The rhythm section provides a steady pulse throughout the song, while the balance and interchange between the drum machine and dynamic bassline adds to the eerie quality of the music. "Crows And Ravens" carries an obscure and haunting beauty creating a captivating listening experience of dark atmosphere and intense, catchy melody.

William Bleak signs as a "hybrid coldwave/post punk band from Berlin" and I totally agree!






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