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The City Gates – Lapidation, a new gothic sensation

The City Gates unveils their new single "Lapidation!

The City Gates are hailing from Montreal and present their dark sound and gothic ambinece into their latest single, "Lapidation"!

"Lapidation" released on March 1st, along with an official video and the announcement of their upcoming tour! The new single is the second out of the new album, to be released by the end of 2024.

"Lapidation" is a highly dynamic post-punk song that touches the lines of energetic, gloomy, gothic rock driving the listener to a dark dance! The track opens with a strong bass line followed by a sharp moody guitar riff, setting the dark and introspective tone from the first note. Vocals delivered with deep, resonant timbre, combined perfectly with atmosphere ballancing onto classic goth rock lines.

The City Gates seems to know very well how to intertwine catchy post-punk riffs and goth elements, building a haunting soundscape, with the pulstaing bass and drumming. Production is in unique balance between the deep vocals and the lush instrumentation, that sounds like The City Gates, easily mix the classic sounds of goth rock while infusing a modern sense.

"LApiddation" is out via Icy Cold Records and Velouria Recordz!

The City Gates are bringing their signature guitar-driven, bass-pounding, pulsating beats on their brand new single, “Lapidation”, from their forthcoming album, due by end of 2024. “Lapidation” is the second single of The City Gates next album to be released on Icy Cold Records and Velouria Recordz.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by the City Gates own François Marsan at Velouria Studio in Montreal, this highly energetic and danceable dark, grim offering from The City Gates is sure to make you hit the dance floor.

The video was shot in the attic of the band’s Velouria Studio by the skilled and talented The City Gates own drummer, Bitou, with the amazing contribution of MADOC, TWEAX, and Dino Chauvette on cameras, and lights.

Lapidation will be available on all platforms March 1st.

The City Gates “Lapidation European Tour” will kick off next April. The tour will include a performance at Dark Spring Berlin festival alongside post-punk, darkwave, goth bands Je t’aime, Golden Apes, Ductape, Understheskin, and VV and the Void. See their complete European tour below.

**** NOTE: The City Gates will also play with Forever Grey on March 19th, and will open for The Chameleons on August 12th in their own Montreal city.

THE CITY GATES - Lapidation European Tour 2024 

19/04: Geleen, NL- Das Reunie w / The Lost Tapes, Fragment 

20/04: Berlin, DE - Lido - Dark Spring Festival 

21/04: Prague, CZ - Kampus Hybernska w/ Cosmo Brigade, RIME 

24/04: Bielefeld, DE - Movie Bielefeld w/ SUIR  

25/04: The Hague, NL - The Grey Space w/ Resplandor, Death by Audio 

26/04: Holzminden, DE - U-Rock w/ Boy with Apple 

27/04: Paris, FR - Supersonic Records w/ Varsovie







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