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New Bands on the Blog #Exclusive Edition | Voices 77

The day I'm writing this, we found out ElektroSpank Online Music Magazine is 4th in the rank among 35 amazing, industrial music blogs and websites.

Today I'm also featuring a new Greek project from Corinth I've recently come across... It's a lovely coincidence for me to present Voices 77.
As soon as I listened to the debut single, I thought this is here to stay. A darkwave, postpunk sound is the first you could think about "Lies", the track the project introduces itself with; not unveiling much of the vocals id yet, but the small taste given is drawing my attention with its sharpness and power. The big surprise about Voices 77 is the man behind it, yes it's a solo project, a new endeavour coming from Serafim Tsotsonis. A well known Greek composer, electronic musician, music producer and sound designer. Ocean Hope is the band he shares with his sister Angeliki, also having composed music for films, plays, documentaries, video art and TV commercials. Serafim has also produced albums of other artists and among his latest collaborations are Selofan's recent album "Partners in Hell".

Let's read more about Voices 77.

ES: Would you like to introduce Voices77 and yourselves to our readers?

V77: Voices 77 is my new solo side project, an effort to create a new sound, to develop a different world of communication, different from what I did so far musically as Serafim Tsotsonis. For the rest, maybe the best way to introduce this new project is to let my music do it directly.

ES: What kind of music do you create?

V77: I think music is like a fish in the water, if someone tries to catch it, it escapes fast. And I am actually glad that sometimes we can’t define or analyze music. After all that’s what music does, it expresses the undefinable. So what I am trying to do is to approach as much as I can and create a sound that I have in my guts, a new sound that differs from what I did as Tsotsonis. If I try to be more precise I could say that In Voices 77, I am moving towards a future dark-punk path using different textures of electronic punk, Dark wave, post punk, psych, free jazz and ambient music.

ES: Since you're Greek, I'd be very interested in finding out which Greek artists have inspired you ?

V77: The Greek artists that I keep dear to my ears and heart are Manos Hadjidakis, Iannis Xenakis, Vangelis, Jani Christou and Demis Roussos.

ES: What do you wish and dream about Voices 77 ?

V77: These days I am working in studio, recording my new album for Voices 77. For the moment, a release by the spring of 2024 is what I hope for and then to start playing live shows.

ES: Even with just one single, you drew attention, I'm curious to know what's coming next?

V77: I had the same feeling-feedback too and I am genuinely happy about it, mostly ‘cause I love to share and connect with others through music. The more isolated or alienated we become the more our need for meaningful connection grows, I mean physically, spiritually and music is the perfect medium for that. Moreover, this is the energy that my new project carries. So by this time, I am thinking of releasing some new singles and then a full length album.

ES: If you could be a member of any band that has ever existed, which one would that be ? and why?

V77: Well, I love many bands of various genres but frankly I think I am where I should be, meaning Ocean Hope, the band that me and my sister Angeliki have.

ES: Music is a creative way of self-expression, what do you wish to make known to people ?

V77: Many things but what I wish the most is to keep reminding to myself and to others that excessive thinking, reasoning and over-analyzing often sabotages emotions. We lose the point. We detach from ourselves and from others. Emotions are also what we’re made of, what makes us human, we should honor them more.







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