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New Bands on the Blog #Exclusive Edition | Gothnetic

Searching for music is a daily favourite routine. Time, consciously chosen to be spent on something beloved. How awesome is though when music finds you? Plus it's so good you feel like sharing with everyone. This is the case when it comes to Jason Schatzle aka Gothnetic.

Gothic rock is the first thing that comes to mind upon the first listening,but there are more influences in his music, sprinkled here and there. 

New artists, never hesitate to reach out to people who can help: Channels,Blogs, Promoters,Labels, until you find the right ones. Since mastering and creating art, you're destined to share. Let's meet our exclusive artist for this time...Gothnetic!!


ES.Would you like to introduce yourself and your project Gothnetic to our readers ?

G. Greetings I'm Jason (A.K.A Wardruid) from Gothnetic! I am an independent artist of Goth Music. Gothnetic is a project I created to set a Gothic Doom Rock sound with a dark tone. When I started this project I wanted the music to be outside the box with no limits of direction and just go with the flow and take me to a place of what I was feeling and transform it into music. I struggle with depression and music helps me express it . With that said I hope the music gets to certain people that struggle in the same way or in a different way. We all have struggles. My goal is to make music to help others and give them hope with sound!

ES.Artists that have been important to you? Who would be a dream come true to collab with?

G. The Sisters Of Mercy, Type O Negative, Depeche Mode, The Cure and many more….
A dream to come true to collab. That would have to be The Sisters Of Mercy the bass kills!!

ES.When did you realize how important music is to you ?

G. I realized music was important to me when I was 5 years old. When hearing music it made me feel alive inside. I was instantly connected with the feeling of music of all types. I've noticed music is very powerful to the soul, and is very important to get a message across to others.
The more music I tend to the more I heal inside of satisfaction and the effort of creation. Right now at this point music is 100% everything to me, I would not trade it for anything on this earth. I have worked with other musicians in the past and something I’ve noticed you have to be 100% committed. Unfortunately to have the right elements that click are rare. So Gothnetic is a personal project that flows faster and easier than relying on a member that never sends recorded tracks or ever shows up. This also led me to produce all my music independently which is very important to me as well. No artist should be controlled! Underground music is where the heart is.

ES .What inspires you the most when creating ?

G. It’s like a canvas of art turned into music with emotion. What inspires me is to create a vision of a movie in my head and mix the true feelings I hold inside and turn it into music. But what really inspires me the most is always thinking about the next song next after a new release and get to work right away to make a song.

ES .How would you describe your music?

G. My music surrounds itself with different elements, a mix in a bottle with a shake of something different every time. A Gothic theme with Doom and some Rock and Metal. Some songs are heavier than others, so I try to balance the mix. I love to surprise the listeners.

ES.What messages do you wish to communicate through your music?

G. Dark Gloom, Beating Depression and trying to cope with living in this moulded world. My music is to try to connect with those that battle any type of addiction or mental health and give hope with the sound of music saying you are not alone, we all struggle with something, let’s struggle together with music.
I believe music also heals the pain of certain situations. Music is a magical thing.

ES This moment musically finds you?

G. Music finds me depending how I feel emotionally to create the next song. The way it comes to me is in parts. I think with layers of music in my mind
Like a 8 track with music patterns all over the place in my mind. Different seasons also have a big effect and steer the mood. When I have chills thinking about a new riff in my head that’s where it begins. Be open and music will find you never doubt yourself a gift is in everyone if they put their heart and soul into it!







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