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Burning Gates, pure goth rock and their own insights of their albums!

A pure goth spirit from the Burning Gates will take over Athens.

Burning Gates is one of the band that keeping the fire of pure gothic rock music still burning. In a few days, Burning Gates will perform in Athens, Greece, at Death Disco club.

The Italian goth rockers formed back in 1994, during the time that the second wave of gothic was really productive with a number of amazing bands. And that is a fact that makes Burning Gates a true value in gothic rock as they managed to put their name next to some of these great bands of late 90's and early 00's. 

With their first releases, "Nel Profondo" (cassette) and "Risvegli", coming out in 1996 and using only the Italian language, they became famous not only in their country, but abd in many other countries as well. However, the borders of beautiful Italy could not stop the goth rockers and with their second official full length album in 1999, "Aurorora Borealis", Burning Gates are ready to conquer the goth rock fans around Europe.

They start to perform in several major events, like Judgement Day in Austria, wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, Heaven's Gate in France, Carnival of Souls, Invocation and Dystopia in the UK. In the meanwhile, they release their third album "Wounds" in 2001. 

After several line-up changes the officially split in 2002. However, in 2015 and after few conversations held over the years between former members (who had all kept active in the alternative music scene and formed and/or been part of various other bands), to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their first release - independently released tape “Nel Profondo” - Burning Gates decide to return to the scene for one last period of time, in their classic and longest-lasting line-up made up by Michele Piccolo (vocals and guitars), Andrea Cannella (guitars), Danny Tartaglia (bass) and Davide Bo (drums). One last fire intended to burn again from the Autumn of 2015 and which led to concerts in Spain, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg and the UK over the following year and culminated with what was supposed to be the last ever performance in the band’s hometown of Turin in November 2016… best laid plans and all that, however; during the reunion tour the band found they pretty much still enjoyed working and touring together, and decided to try and write new material. 

Almost 2 years on, in September 2018, the result of their efforts sees the light, as new album ‘New Moon’ is released on swiss label Swiss Dark Nights

On the occasion of their live show in Athens, ElektroSpank asked the members of Burning Gates to tell us a few words around their music path and mainly focused in their insights about the albums they have released throughout all these years.


Recorded between June and July 1996 and released at the end of the same year. It is the only album sung in Italian language, except for the song ‘To the Moon’. The track list features a few songs from the debut cassette demo-tape, titled ‘Nel Profondo’. 


This album marked two important turning points for the band: English language for the singing and Danny Tartaglia as a new bass player. Distributed worldwide via Nightbreed, Equinoxe, ENDE and Music&Art, this album gives the band the opportunity to start playing gigs abroad. Some songs from Aurora Borealis, like ‘Dancing in the Mirror’ and the Killing Joke cover of ‘The Wait, became quite a classic.

WOUNDS – 2001

Recorded between April and May 2000, the album saw the light only one year later; drummer Davide Bo left the band soon after the recording sessions and was replaced by Igor Cavallari. Considered by most as the album proving the band’s maturity, with hits such as ‘Oblivion Door’, ‘Waxfire’ and ‘Shadows of the Past’, unfortunately ‘Wounds’ will also be remembered as the last chapter of the band. 

SHADOWS OF THE PAST a retrospective: 1995-2001 – 2015 

When Strobelight Records heard the news about our ‘The Ritual Will Never Die’ reunion, they got in touch with us to plan the release of this best of. The CD booklet is full of old memories, pictures of the band, setlists, posters, flyers, backstage passes…as well as the history of the band written by Alex from Ascension Magazine & Promotions and some fantastic words put down by Thomas Thyssen from Pagan Love Songs. 


Recorded live at Exenzia Club, Prato, Italy, on 5th December 2015, this live album is the first collaboration with Swiss label ‘Swiss Dark Nights’ As a bonus track, the CD features a new version of the title track re-recorded in 2015 (original version on ‘Aurora Borealis’).

NEW MOON – 2018

17 years after the previous studio album, the band strikes back with 10 new songs including a cover version of Bowie’s ‘Time Will Crawl’ On 21st November this year, this album will be released in black vinyl 12”LP limited edition.








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