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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Cellmod returns with the ferocious electro-pop single, "Sound The Siren" feat. Elaycie

Cellmod unveils the exhilarating new single, "Sound The Siren" interpreted by the unique vocals of Elaycie!

"Sound The Siren" feat. Elaycie is the stirring new electro-pop single from Florida-based producer Cellmod. Cellmod is the electronic music project of the Puerto-Rican born producer, composer, and remixer, Juan Ramon Espinosa. Cellmod started sharing music with the world back in 2007 delivering a blend that throughout the years contained element and influences from techno, industrial, drum and bass to IDM, trance, trip hop, and more, including even some orchestral movements.

On March 29th, the "Sound The Siren" feat Elaycie single is coming out, delivering the first sound experience out of the forthcoming EP, "Rituals", which is to be released in a few months. "Sound The Siren" is a sonic adventure which arouses the senses with the clever layers of synths, the cinematic melodies and leads, and glitchy effects creating a background of dark electronic sound that is both exhilarating and intoxicating.

The single transmutes crushed bass synth into immaculate sounds and then back again, while guest Elaycie's clarion vocals shimmer effortlessly atop pulsing drums. The production quality of "Sound The Siren" is high, well structured, with every element crafted precisely to create a seamless electronic experience. Instrumentation is srong dynamic, allowing each sound included to play its role on the final outcome and in the success of the song. Powerfull percussion, solid basslines and synth arrangements that are beautifully blended with the delicate vocals of Elaycie.

Cellmod 's new single is interpreted by Elaycie whose vocals leads the charge in "Sound The Siren," weaving a hypnotic soundscape that effortlessly blends with the pulsating basslines and industrial beats. Her vocals range from seductive tones to powerful notes, adding depth and emotion to the song.

Cellmod talk about Elaycie: "Primarily a visual artist, Elaycie harbors a hidden talent as an extraordinary singer. Our musical chemistry ignited instantly. Her prowess in crafting melodies and harmonies over music is unparalleled."



Coming of age in Miami’s flourishing electronic music scene, Espinosa developed a deep passion for electronic music before honing his own style, taking inspiration from a number of subgenres, while creating immersive sonic and conceptual worlds. 

Often collaborating with outside vocalists, Cellmod delivers sly social and personal commentary atop a foundation of impeccable sound design and a master’s knowledge of electronic music history. Juan is also a long-time graphic designer, considering the visuals accompanying his releases extensions of their overall theme and narratives.

Recent collaborations and remixes include Stewart Copeland and Ricky Kej (remixing  “A Prayer” from their Grammy-winning album Divine Tides), Moris Blak, God Module, Pete Crane (Shiv-r), Raziel Panic (You Shriek), and more. Recently, Cellmod made their long-awaited live debut sharing the stage with Daniel Meyer of Covenant and Haujobb.







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