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Exclusive Premiere: KORINTHIANS unveils the official video for "The Whimper"

Strong emotions are coming out of KORINTHIANS, "The Whimper", depicted now in the official video!

KORINTHIANS is a post-punk quartet from Ghent, Belgium, characterized by some as “doom disco” or “new-romantic darkwave” and consisting of Mattias De Backer (singer/guitarist), Ruben Masson (bass/moog), Jeroen Weckhuyzen (synths/backing vocals) and Kenny Voet (drums/samples).

"The Whimper" is the third single taken out from the critically acclaimed, latest full length album, "A Major Walk", released in May 2023. A truly emotional, synthesized, post-punk album where the variety of influences of the Ghent, Belgium based quartet create a sonic puzzle where Mogwai meets Boytronic and Kite stands next to Agent Side Grinder and early-IAMX. "A Major Walk" can take you to a journey through raw post-punk, enriched with the synth melodies and transformed to gloomy electronic soundscapes.

One of the strongest moments in KORINTHIANS album is the single "The Whimper". A deeply emotional new wave, post-punk mid-tempo song that guides you to the struggle of being alone in situations that everything seems against you. Situations and circumstances that bring intense feelings of anxiety, loneliness and, eventually, depression. Things that you think that you can't bear and you are not willing to endure.

"The Whimper" official video opens with a monochromatic palette, dominated by shadows and dimly lit images. Grainy footage flickers on the screen, redolent of noir films, adding to the mysterious atmosphere. Silhouettes of figures move in and out of focus, enhancing the sense of unease and tension.

"The Whimper" was created in loving memory of the band's good friend Tiemen Van Haver. "The fear that you're alone. You against the outside world. Fear that you're alone. You against the outside world."

Mattias De Backer of KORINTHIANS comments on "The Whimper"and the video: "It was a song I thought was about myself, but now I think it describes the agony lived by a close friend of mine who died exactly one year ago. It is dedicated to him: “in loving memory of our good friend Tiemen Van Haver"


The video shows footage of Tiemen Van Haver in a rehearsal room, during some study work for a performance of Tiemen’s friend and muse Lize Pede. https://www.lizepede.be/

"The Whimper" can be the dark ballad of feeling alone with its grey feeling, coming out of the well structured and layered instrumentation. The pulsating bassline establishes a mesmerizing rhythm, while synthesizers weave tortuous melodies that coil around the listener like tendrils of smoke, arousing a sense of isolation. Mattias De Backer vocals's haunting delivery conveys a sense of struggling with these feelings and disappointment, echoing the existential questions present in the lyrics.

KORINTHIANS adds: "The song talks about how something can weigh you down (responsibility, work, emotional strain, or even depression or burn-out). It describes the feeling of not having enough strength, of only being able to sigh, of being exhausted, of feeling a constant weight on your shoulders. And it describes the darkness of feeling alone in this situation."


Furthermore, inspired by the song, Iranian researcher and artist Golnesa Rezanezhad wrote the short story "Dreams are moved by wind like seeds", where you can read it in the details of the official video.

The Whimper - lyrics

A sob lies sad and silent
Hidden deep below the surface
Somewhere in one’s muted throat waiting for that moment
Between two words a whimper

It is my voice that appears stifled
Doesn’t dare to be overheard
For fear of offending people and that they may be hurt
The sigh of pressure gone, relief that one can breathe again

Fear that you’re alone, you against the outside world

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Koenraad Foesters
Video by Kimonokini and Ruzd 4 Monster Match (www.ruzd.world)
Footage by Lize Pede (www.lizepede.be)








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