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Paris Alexander unveils new single, "Devour" with an official video!

Dark synth waves in the new single, "Devour", From Paris Alexander!

Paris Alexander unveils the second single, "Devour", out from his upcoming solo debut album, which is out via Blue Door Music Productions. "Devour" is coming a few days after the first sample of Paris Alexander's solo debut material, the single "Renaissance". In both singles we found the, Brighton, UK based artist featuring the hypnotic vocals of Eirene.

Paris Alexander is a long time collaborator with Antipole, having co-written, sung on and produced their last three albums. Paris and Antipole have remixed many acts, including Clan of Xymox and She Past Away. In both tracks you can hear Eirene's trademark evoking backing vocals entwining the mix.

"Devour" is leading in, quite, darker places than the first single, "Renaissance". With a dark atmosphere, strongly being built from the first note, there is coldness in every synth arrangement while you can feel the attractiveness of sharp guitar riffs. Desperate words among hypnotic sounds, Paris's vocals are deep, while Eirene's backing ethereal voice completes the mysticism in the atmosphere. There is an occult ambience, coming out from an aching's soul lyrics and a man who sounds eager to find a way out.

"Devour" official video is standing exactly on the atmosphere coming out of the song. Cold dark faces, standing as in a strange ceremony, like inviting you in their strange world, with expressions like attending a mystic rite. Filmed in black and white, this strengths the mysterious mood along with smokey, forest background.

Paris Alexander is creating a really good dark, cold wave melodies in different tempo, in the first two singles, out from his solo work. You should check and bookmark his work, as his solo debut is coming up.







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