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RAUM releases two new tracks, "Vamachara" and "Dissent"!

RAUM has turned into a full time studio project and gave us two dark techno hits.

RAUM, the Belgian based industrial, techno project focused on new music due to the conditions in live sets and concerts cancellations. A US tour with Figure Section, a performance with Isabelle Wéry, Marcel Berlanger and my pal Pierre De Muelenaere (Orphan Swords) as well as a double bill in Korea have been cancelled. 

Because of all these necessary measures and limitations RAUM created some new sounds and started sharing with us. On June 5th, RAUM released "Vamachar" via his official YouTube channel. Check the dark techno tunes and the deep beats of "Vamachara" below:

RAUM also unveiled another track, titled "Dissent", on June 11th. "Dissent" has been written on the occasion of Black Lives Matter movement and is a powerful dark electronics and techno tune. Read what RAUM says about "Dissent" and check the bandcamp page to listen to it...

"Racism is a structural problem as much as it is a cultural one. It struck me long before George Floyd’s assassination and it always will. As I am happy the recent events will help raise more awareness worldwide, I am aware that our world now feeds on short lived news and trends, and that past the emotion which was triggered, the statements and the actions that are currently fashionable, most likely will be forgotten about and the world will rush to the next thing.

But racism won't stop when the protests die down and nothing will durably change until we develop a deeper consciousness of its deeply rooted mechanisms. Without guilt, without self-hatred, but with sincerity, soul and determination. Search and destroy.

Until we defy our fears and challenge our GAFAM-fucked brains nothing will change for good. It’s not the new cool thing out there and it's not an antiracist pose contest. It is a fundamental thing to do all the time. Search and destroy!

All sales benefits of this track will permanently be donated to BLM. Please buy it, share it, play loud and stomp hard on it. It's an ode to DISSENT as an healthy, legitimate and necessary thing. In a world that is always engaging further towards new forms of control, fear, division and totalitarian nightmares, dissent is the only way, and the first step to the decolonization of the souls. That's when the real fight begins. DISSENT!"




If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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