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Video Premiere - The Gathering unveils the video for the "Love Songs - Extended"

The Gathering new video "Love Songs -Extended" is out today!

The Gathering, a post-punk band from Vancouver, Canada, with a long history, started back in 1985, unveils their official video for their 5th single, "Love Songs - Extended", taken from their "Love Songs" EP, released inJune 2019, via Cold Transmission.

The Gathering, is one of the bands that carries the legacy of the great post-punk era of the 80's. With a sound influenced by legendary acts, like Killing Joke, Jesus and Mary Chain, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Cure and more. The quartet from Canada, after a long time, reformed in 2017, and in June 2019 released their "Love Songs" EP, with the German Label, Cold Transmission.

"Love Songs" EP, is a pure post-punk arrangement, in all aspects, with the dark and cold wave elements being obvious in every note. Same titled single and its extended version is one of these songs that could easily stick to your head with its addictive melody and chorus.

 Today, the official video of the "Love Songs - Extended" is put and here is what the band comments on it: 

"Love Songs - Extended, is the 5th Video single taken from their 2019 Cold Transmission released Love Songs EP.

This song is the closing track from the EP and at its heart, despite it’s happy sing-a-long chorus, is an anti love song, alluding to individual battles with addiction and dependency.
The Love Songs EP was produced and engineered by Jason Corbett of ACTORS fame and was recorded at Jacknife Sound Studios.
The Gathering are currently in the studio working on their next release scheduled for the spring of 2020."
Produced by Jason Corbett at Jacknife Sound
Released by Cold Transmission
Video Footage by Bruce Bachand. 
You can get the "Love Songs" EP from Cold Transmission's store and the band's bandcamp page, below...

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