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New single and b-side from dream-pop Playground Theory, "Paper Words" and "Mary"!

Dream pop band from Greece, Playground Theory, released new single "Paper Words", on November 1st.

"Paper Words" is the third single out from the upcoming album of Playground Theory, "Tears Go Upwards"

"Paper Words" is a psychedelic pop trip to the eastern sound influences of Playground Theory. The dream/synth pop project from Greece is coming back, unveiling another piece that will complete the puzzle of their new album. A 5 minute journey around Mediterranean sound styles, ending up to the eastern parts of a dream through paper words. Melodic, emotional and wandering.

Playground Theory based in Greece and they have two full length albums released, "Speaking of Secrets", 2013 and "Connect the Dots", 2016.  


Playground Theory gives us a third track from their forthcoming album. Paper Words is a pop psychedelic journey that begins with a wait for what never seems to come and ends with love for the journey…

After the first two singles, the band returns to Mediterranean soundtracks that premiered on "Connect the Dots" and will be present in its upcoming release. The hypnotic riff inspired by the band's collaborator Alexis Basmajian and the rich production of Giorgos Priniotakis who also contributed to the programming of strings, keys and percussions unexpectedly complete the PT composition.

Having released two studio albums from Puzzlemusik (Speaking of Secrets-2013, Connect the Dots-2016), which have received very good reviews from many music sites and magazines (in Greece and abroad), PT is completing the third release. which will be available in early 2020.

"Paper Words" is coming with a really beautiful b-side song, "Mary". With a more indie approach, "Mary" reveals another side of PT using melodies not used to, in their recent material. 

Having reached their 5th single on Puzzlemusik, PT is giving us a b-side song again. This time it's not a remix of the other performance but a separate piece. Mary was originally recorded for Speaking of Secrets, but only recently completed.
It moves on more Indie trails than recent material and tries to put us in a picture of despair: by blasting away everything in the world, at some point you will look around and there will be no one. 

Playground Theory is:
Marcia Israelidis, Vangelis Katsoulakis, Dimitris Negas and from the current release: Diamantis Kazouris, Tolis Metzidakis

As musicians in the single also participated:
Yiotis Petrellis (Mary - percussion)
Alexis Basmajian (Paper Words - guitar)
Dimitris Katsikadis (Mary - bass)









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