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VZOID, Dark Electro, Industrial project releases debut album!

VZOID released debut album, "Immersion", on July 12th!

VZOID is the project of producer Edward P. from Germany formed back in 2012. VZOID releases his debut full length album, "Immersion", on Friday July 12th, from Nowhere Now Records.

VZOID is an electronic, industrial project combining elements from techno EBM, haunting beats, old school industrial. "Immersion" includes 10 songs, all in a witching dark mood with the beats transforming the tempo from really dark low rhythms to up-tempo pure EBM and industrial. 

Vocals from Edward P. are completing the atmosphere with the harsh style and the dark distortion. From the haunting and shadowed "Blood", "Creep", "Digiwolf" and "Hardcore" or "Lost its Meaning" , to the club hits, EBM themed, "I Don't Regret" and "Lauf" (a certain dancefloor hit) and the breaking beats of "Nikopol", "City Jungle" and "Ultimum.

VZOID presents a dark electro sound compilation in the darkest soundscapes including deep harsh vocals, some depressing lyrics and matching from bands like Vomito Negro, Plastic Noise Experience and influences from Front Line Assembly and Cubanate.


"...Possessed with techno-doom shaded beats that are as urgent sounding as they are threatening and haunted with ambient sound scapes from empty factories housing malevolent machinery. Each track is punctuated by heady aggressive beats that sound alien and always ominous.
This album truly digs deep into the dark synth underworld and comes up with it's teeth bared, wounded and hungry. It just never wavers, hitting hard and often. VZOID has produced a compelling and polished album that sets it's self as a foreboding soundtrack for a collapsing society..."




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