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I Am The Fly, raw synth-punk duo, with same titled 7" EP!

Raw punk sound through a distorted organ and a monotonous drum machine. I Am The Fly!

How much aggression could fit in 7 minutes of music? Well, the answer lies in the hands of I Am The Fly.

I Am Te Fly is a synth punk duo, coming from Mulheim, Germany and they have all these retro elements that comes with their name. I Am The Fly named their project from the same titled song from WIRE. So, expect nothing less from an early punk, new wave, influenced sound. 

The duo released their debut single/EP "I A The Fly", on August 23rd, 2020, including three tracks. Their sound is a mixture of pure, aggressive synth/organ and a monotone drum machine beat. Raw punk synths and accompanied from strong bass lines and a beat coming out from this old machine.

"I Am the Fly"  starts with "Axolotl" where the anger of the duo hits you right away. The sense of vintage is taking over the speakers and the DIY art is obvious from the beginning.  "Wonko The Sane" comes next, with the same monotone sound of the beatbox, while the tone of the voice keeps the same tone. "Heresy" is being built upon the primitive sound of the organ keeping the chords in a short range but making you feel this intense.

I Am The Fly are coming from the past to show us the future of the minimal music sound and DIY art and music. "Shimmering and aggressive, I Am The Fly are reminiscent of angry insects that form against mankind with resigned nihilism and scientific half-knowledge."

The duo consisting of two "flies", MUSCA domestica ♂ (bass, vocals) and MUSCA domestica ♀ (organ, drummachine), as they appear themselves wearing fly heads. Sound coming from the roots of The Screamers, DEVO, even Grauzone. 

Looking forward to listening more from I Am The Fly!





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