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Lia Hide releases new video single, covering Massive Attack's, "Teardrop"!

Amazing cover to an emotional song from Lia Hide!

Lia Hide, with an exceptional and emotional voice, returns with a new cover. This time, it is a really atmospheric song from Massive Attack and Elizabeth Fraser, "Teardrop".

Lia Hide manages to give an extra tension on this low-tempo emotional song, adding more strength on the drum beats. There is a higher tempo then the original, while more sharp guitar riffs added, giving a sense of a cold, post-punk melody. Additionally, Lia uses a wurlitzer effect, giving a sense of a guitar sound that reminds that of The Cure style, and the synth lines gives a dark wave, synthpop attitude. Lia's voice is magical and gives, to a difficult song regarding the vocals, her own touch and lyrical style. 

Definitely, beautiful cover, giving a new dimension to a classic dream pop song like "Teardrop". Lia transforms the Massive Attack super hit to a dark art pop track.

The new single/cover from Lia Hide, comes with a beautiful video which manages to express all these that "Teardrop" brings and that Lia's cover adds.

video : Stock Footage from the InternetArchive.org - free for commercial use / Original Video : The Zip Commercial by the Swingin Six


Official Press Release

"Amour Records 'Grecospectiva' hits again with a new transformed favorite track - Massive Attack's Teardrop, (who will perform in Athens this summer) from Lia Hide. Lia Hide and ELIOT - leave behind ethereal, iconic, original version with the wonderful Elisabeth Fraser - and wears dark wave and synth pop elements, with a brand new, fresh indie art rock look.
Lia Hide has worked with Amour Records in the past, for her three personal albums, music for theater and dance.
After her big European Autumn tour, she travels to Greece with her music, preparing for summer festivals and a surprise release, again by Amour.

Lia Hide has released three solo albums: "Home" (EMI-Universal, 2013), "Everyone Seems to Know Who I Am" (DontHideMe, 2017), "Tells no Fairytales" (DontHideMe, 2019). She also writes music for Theatre and Dance companies, and provides lyrics, both in English and Greek, for various artists, as well as her piano skills (Nomik / KBHTA).

Credits Original Song : Massive Attack / album : Mezzanine (1998) Elizabeth Fraser / Robert Del Naja / Grantley Marshall / Andrew Vowles

produced by Lia Hide + ELIOT recorded by Giannis Lampropoulos (City Studios) + ELIOT (Eliot's Den) mastered by Ted Carfrae (TCM Mastering Studios)






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