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Swedish Electro vol. 6 | The Remixes

Latest compilation from Swedish Electro Scene! Swedish Electro vol. 6 | The Remixes

Swedish Electro Scene is represented for a long time now, through a Facebook Page. This is an effort from a fan of this scene, Nikos Konstantinou. Niko's love for the Swedish electro bands and artists, led him to create this incredible effort, around 8 years ago.

Many of us who like this kind of music and genre, perhaps do not know the number of the bands that are coming from Sweden. And we mean bands and artists with a long history in this music and with some great hits. Club hits, electro pop hits or even emotional electro pop ballads.

Swedish Electro Scene tries to collect and present all these information, But above all, Swedish Electro Scene has created some amazing compilations and gives the opportunity to all these bands, to come closer to the audience and present their work.

With the first volume of this series of compilation, being released back in 2013, including bands like Avantgarde, Vanguard, Spark!, The Pain Machinery, Code 64, Fatal Casualties and many more, this year, Swedish Electro Scene released a new, special edition, compilation.

"Swedish Electro Vol. 6 - The Remixes" was released in May, 25th, 2019. In the latest volume, Nikos Konstantinou and Swedish Electro Scene, created a special edition of the series, by collecting a number of remixes from some of the greatest Swedish electro bands. In "Swedish Electro Vol. 6 - The Remixes" we can find bands like Agent Side Grinder and the "This Is Us", remixed by Daniel Myer, the club hit from Cryo, "Sanitarium" remixed by Neuroticfish. Two, absolutely, great remixes, giving the compilation a "must have" character.

Furthermore, there is a track from some bands with a long history like Daily Planet, with the song "Set Me Free", remixed by Delaykliniken, or even the younger Neurobash, with a beautiful melodic version of "Mass-Distraction". Some other bands that you will find in "Swedish Electro Vol. 6 - The Remixes" are The Livelong June with their "Placebo-stylish" tunes remixed by Tolchock, another great band from Sweden, or Vogon Poetry, with their "IAMX-like" vocals and the "Exposed Thoughts", remixed by Electric City Cowboys.

"Swedish Electro Vol. 6 - The Remixes" holds 42 tracks (you can see full tracklist in bandcamp link below) from the wide range of the Swedish Electro Scene. Each one is a special version and adds its mark to the compilation. From emotional melodies and 80's electro pop influences, to club hits with harder beats and dark ambience. 

And remember. It is free for everyone to download it from Swedish Electro Scene bandcamp page. Do not miss it. Go on, download the compilation and support Swedish Electro Scene page and the bands. Support music!!!





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